Utilities of the banks in Mexico created 65.7% in 2021

It is clear that in 2020 the use of the bank operating in Mexico will show a reduction (respect to 2019) as a consequence of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 it will register an important crime.

Agreed with the report to conclude these months by the National Banking and Valuation Commission (CNBV), in all 2021 the multiple banking sector has a utilization of 182,000 million euros, 65.7% more than the 102,000 million spent in in 2020.

And even in the year 2020, due to the crisis, the Mexican bank will continue to register losses, lowering the 163,000 million pesos obtained in 2019.

The CNBV’s report states that in the result of 2021 it will, in principle, be an important reduction in preventive estimates for credit risks, because, by 2020, the banks will make additional reserves to make possible savings due to the economic crisis. the pandemic; but also minor guests for interests, mayors results from intermediaries and other entrants.

BBVA Mexico saw the largest bank registration in 2021 with 60,256 million pounds, while in 2020 its wealth was 36,172 million.

This is the Banorte siguieron with 26,086 million weight loss benefits by 2021; and Banamex with 22,396 million pounds.

Santander, for its part, won 18,068 million pounds that year; Inbursa 13,931 million; Scotiabank 9,418 million and HSBC 2,806 million. In 2020, it will be the last to lose 708 million.

These banks will concentrate 153,000 million euros of the 182,000 million received by all of the multiple banking sector during 2021, in accordance with the CNBV’s information.

As of 2021, the sector has been integrated into 50 operating institutions.

Follow-up credit with recovery

On the other hand, the CNBV signals that the credit card vending machine of the commercial bank will be closed in December 2021 for a period of 2.0% in its comparison with the same month of 2020, even with respect to my preview, a real crime of 0.3 per cent. The balance is estimated at 5.43 billion pounds.

If the total credit card is signed in December with a loan, it is less pronounced. In November, the contraction was 3.7 per cent.

On the inside of the total card, commercial credits will have a contraction of 3.3% in December in its annual comparison, with a balance of 3.37 trillion pesos.

Thus, in credit for consumption the contraction was 2.4% in December, for a balance of 1 trillion pesos.

Inside the consumer portfolio, the credit card stock recorded a turnover of 2.8% during the period and personal loans of 5.3%; but the nominal credits will show a 0.8% increase in its annual real comparison.

While living credit increases will increase crime, by 2.7% in December and December 2020, for a balance of a little over 1 trillion pesos. This type of financing is the only one that has not occurred at any time during the pandemic.

The Morosidad Index (Imor) of the bank is down 2.05% in 2021, down 2.56% in December 2020.

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