Unable to accept a breakup, he commits a savage assault

A Montrealer has been found guilty of a savage assault on the new flame of his ex, who had tried to cover his tracks by going so far as to set fire to his own vehicle.

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“The accused had a motive to attack the victim, whether to remove him from the life of his ex-spouse or to get closer to her,” said judge Marc-André Dagenais in a recent decision.

The victim of the accused Simon Tremblay suffered significant injuries after suffering a sneak attack in December 2020, in Laval.

The man returned home after an evening spent with a companion he had met a few months earlier. After bustling about in his apartment for a few minutes, the innocent man was hit from behind in the head with a heavy metal object.

Even on the ground, his attacker continued to hit him on the head, then he changed his weapon to use a sharp one.

64 stitches

The assailant also tried to strangle his victim.

“The victim begs him to let him live. The assailant frees him, attempts to open the nearby exterior door, then delivers a final violent blow to the face of [la victime] with a hard object. The assailant then fled through another door,” said the judge.

The list of injuries is frightening: lacerations requiring 64 stitches, several fractures, in the jaw, head and sinuses, a hole in the cheek and a concussion.

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The suspicions of the police quickly turned to Simon Tremblay.

” [Il] did not agree not to be in a relationship with [son ex-conjointe]. He was constantly inhabited by the idea of ​​winning her back and, to do this, did not hesitate to spy on her, ”underlined Judge Dagenais.

He burns down his car

Two days after the brutal assault, the accused’s car was found burned.

“Blood is nevertheless found in the car, then in many places in the apartment of the accused”, and this, even if he had tried to erase his traces with bleach.

The accused instead invoked that a third party who had been harassing him for months would be the real culprit.

“This thesis makes it possible to explain both the attack, the erasure of the data from the accused’s telephone device, the theft and the fire of his vehicle. However, this thesis, however improbable it may be in itself, loses all reasonableness, ”supported Judge Dagenais.

The accused should know his sentence at a later date.


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