Ukrainian woman begins a new life in Halifax

For the last two weeks, Halifax has been home for Anna Tereshcenko after fleeing Ukraine.

When she looks at her seven-year-old son, Tereshcenko says she knows leaving was the right decision.

“He’s walking across the street in Halifax and I felt that nobody would hurt him and this feeling I think only parents would understand,” said Tereshcenko.

Eight weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, both the government and ordinary Canadians continue to pledge support.

Anna Kovalchuk went to Ukraine to coordinate the delivery of medical supplies. She’s back in Moncton, and she worries some may be tired of paying attention to the war.

“In my opinion, we can’t let that happen,” said Kovalchuk. “We have to push through. We have to stay as strong as we can.”

She doesn’t think the world will take its eyes off Ukraine, but has noticed some people struggle to watch it unfold.

“Everyone is tired of receiving this bad news. Everyone is tired of turning on TV and seeing the next horror movie after another,” said Kovalchuk.

Rallies have gathered support; a fundraiser this Saturday at the Halifax YMCA aims to do the same.

“We invite all Haligonians to come over to show your support to Ukraine,” said event organizer Stanislav Serebriakov. “And help us to raise money for the Ukrainian foundation.”

Tereshczenko speaks four languages, and is interviewing for jobs in Halifax. She wants to be a recruiter.

“I have a good case,” said Tereshczenko. “I would like to explain to people they don’t have to stay there with their children and their families. They can come here for a while even not for all the time.”

A case she wants to make to her mother and sister who she hopes will soon join her in Halifax.

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