Pueblan restaurateurs will launch a digital application to promote businesses

Puebla, Pue. The Poblana Association of Restaurants and Service Providers (Apresac) will launch its mobile application next July so that customers can learn about the diversity of businesses, make reservations, obtain discounts and even rate the service.

Felipe Mendoza Torres, director of the organization, commented that with this technological tool they seek to increase sales by up to 60% and have greater interaction with diners, both local and foreign, to improve service.

He said that obtaining certifications in hygiene and services is not enough to increase sales, since the client needs new ways to evaluate businesses and that this generates a “word of mouth” recommendation.

Customers can purchase gift cards, make a reservation, find rewards for those who frequent the business, and one of the important novelties is that they can evaluate each establishment from the menu to the service, he said.

He considered that with the tool that allows to qualify establishments, which will be available for iOS and Android operating systems, restaurateurs are more exposed to being qualified, a situation for which they must have a greater commitment to improve where they have flaws, otherwise can affect your sales.

Mendoza Torres mentioned that foreign tourists now not only ask hotel employees about a place to try Puebla cuisine, but through the internet first look for the options that exist in the city, which in the case of young people are the ones who most use that tool.

He commented that the launch of this app comes at the same time that they have perceived an increase in tourist influx this year; however, “we needed to have something that could generate greater interactivity with customers.”

The leader pointed out that sales at this time have increased up to 30% in high season; however, restaurateurs want to maintain an average throughout the year.

He indicated that the economic recovery will be seen until the summer holidays, hoping that more tourism will arrive and the panorama of infections by Covid-19 will continue to decline.

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