Twice as many COVID-19 cases in Montreal as last week

The 4th wave is gaining momentum in Montreal, where the number of reported cases has almost doubled in one week, due to the multiplication of outbreaks in daycare services and in elementary schools.

The new situation report released today by the Direction de santé publique de Montréal reports 594 cases of COVID-19 linked to active outbreaks, compared to 364 on September 7. The total number of outbreaks jumped nearly 60%, from 86 to 136 in seven days.

Even if the greatest number of outbreaks and cases reported are still in workplaces (210), transmission has accelerated in daycares and schools, these settings now accounting for nearly 40%. infections in the metropolis, against 25% last week.

Twice as many cases

In fact, the number of cases deplored in daycares and other early childhood services has jumped by more than 100%, climbing from 79 cases to 165 in seven days. In metropolitan schools, the number of children infected with COVID climbed from 31 to 82, hitting elementary schools more (14 outbreaks compared to 8 in high schools).

Active outbreaks have also resumed in some hospitals, CHSLDs and other care settings, so far spared by the 4th wave. The increase in cases observed in seven days has quadrupled, bringing the number of cases to 72 cases compared to 17 last week.

The most affected care settings are once again the retirement homes (RPA) with four outbreaks which have generated nearly 40 cases, while the CHSLDs are facing three outbreaks that have infected 11 of their residents.

Insufficient vaccination

According to data released yesterday by the Direction de santé publique de Montréal, 80% of the inhabitants of the metropolis had received at least one dose as of September 7, but only 72% of the total population (including those 12 and under) was adequately vaccinated (two doses). No less than 170,000 people over the age of 12, eligible to receive the vaccine, have still not received any dose.

Only two sectors of the island of Montreal still have vaccination coverage rates (at least one dose) of less than 80% among those 12 years of age and over, namely Montreal-Nord and Outremont. In these two sectors, the number of people adequately vaccinated does not exceed 66% (Montreal-North) and 71% (Outremont).

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