Turner, Carracci and the late photographer Mey Rahola take over the MNAC this 2022

  • The museum directed by Pepe Serra presents a program featuring the names of Feliu Elias, Anglada Camarasa, Benet Rossell, Núria Pompeia or Borrassà

Mientras aún se puede recorrer en el MNAC the big exhibition about Gaudí until March 6, before traveling to Paris Musée d’Orsay (as well as until February 27, the operation of salvaguarda during the Civil War), the director of the museum, Pepe Serra, ya ha avanzado programming for a 2022 that will mark the year 2021 with one of the biggest allies of 2019, ahead of the pandemic. Pese a ello, a la tempada no le falta un gran advertising, una moestra dedicated to the greatest poet of the Romantic period, the painter, watercolorist and British grabber William Turner (1775-1851). In collaboration with the City of London, is centered in the materialization of its fascination with landscapes, meteorological phenomena and the forces of nature as abstract elements painting, as Serra points out, “what is not there, representing an atmosphere”.

It will be the 18th of May when, in Denmark and before it goes to Dublin, this exhibition of a centenary of Turner works, which demonstrates its dominance of light and color, and which is parallel to dialogue with another master, ‘El latido de la naturaleza’, which will allow us to contemplate one 80 delicacies dibujos del siglo XIX from the MNAC collection of artists like Baldomer Galofre, Marià Fortuny, Ramon Martí i Alsina, Lluís Rigalt, Antoni Fabrés o Jaume Morera. Juntas pondrán el foco en el medioambiente “generando debate”.

In July, fruit of the collaboration with the Museo del Prado y el Museo Barberini, the MNAC reunited first from 1830 onwards and was dispersed by distinct centers of Spain the paintings on the fresco that the Italian baroque artist Annibale Carracci :

Pioneer of Artistic Photography

Destacan also two monographs, both in November. A recovery to a descriptive and elaborate photographer, Mey Rahola (1897-1959), one of the first women to make a number inside the artistic photography in Spain. Independent and travel, reflecting the active papel of the woman during the Republic, in front of the Civil War held a public projection with exhibitions, prizes and publications, which were exiled with the exile. Although these photos were taken professionally during the Second World War, they continued as posted by the public.

Contradictorio Feliu Elias

The other monograph will be displayed la poliédrica y contradictoria personalidad del pintor Feliu Elias (Barcelona, ​​1878-1948), one of the figures from the collection of modern art: the debater and cartoonist Apa and the critic Joan Sacs or the ‘Demoni verd’ in his other aliases. Retreats, natural deaths and contemporary interiors of miniaturized brushed capacities can exhale a bomb or a fried egg that separates together with objects from its private collection.

In April, the intervention ‘Maternasis‘will allow you to redraw works by women artists of the posguerra como Núria Pompeia, Mari Chordà y Roser Bru, relationships with maternity in a time dominated by men.

In October, unspoken aspects of the work of Anglada Camarasa thanks to the donation of his archive for his wife and, in March, he will teach to the public donation Benet Rossell. In December we will present the gothic works of Lluís Borrassà requested by the Generalitat and deposited in the MNAC: ‘Profesión de san Pedro Martir’ y la ‘Decapitación los los families de san Hipólito’, que habían pertenecido a la Cathedral of Barcelona.

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For 2023 reserves the reform of the novel collection, the art of posguerra and photography. In its work Serra, although over 9 years and mid as director of the MNAC acaba contract between April and May and the employer must approve or not its continuity. “I believe that the project has a sense of purpose and must continue”, said someone who thought of ‘attacking’ ‘the media’.


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