Electricity inertia frena inversions in Mexico: Index

The insufficiency of electric energy in some parts of Mexico has made industrial investments in the country, affirmed the National Council of the Manufacturing and Manufacturing Industry (Index).

In agreement with this body, clarity of rules between the functions of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), el National Center for Energy Control (Price) and the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), in order not to delay the increase in resources and investment in the sector.

To participate in the Abierto de la Reforma Eléctrica ParliamentLuis Manuel Hernández, President of the Index, says that legislators and governors need to make sure that they have sufficient electrical energy to promote new investment projects in determining points in the country.

“We are looking for entities from the country (to them) promoting inversion, which we can collect in the states; it’s something we have to worry about, ”Hernandez warned.

From the perspective of IndexMexico needs an increase in the energy capacity installed to capitalize the industrial expansion of the country, with vocation for manufacturing.

“We are fighting to contract and develop the companies due to the lack of energy”, he said.

The Index aggregates 800 companies and manufacturers and manufacturers exports have a 57% coverage of Mexican external sales.

También Hernández planto that requires regular increase in the share of distribution, with an expansion of substations and transmission lines to stimulate more the industrialization of Mexico,

“The concentration of the national inversion must be in the distribution, because with it the CFE will be able to”, dijo.

In October 2021, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented a constitutional reform initiative for the Mexican electricity sector in favor of the CFE having a preponderance paper in the sector, establishing that the company generates at least 54% of the national electricity consumption.

Other provisions of the Electricity Reform Initiative include integrating vertically and horizontally into the CFE as a single entity, maintaining a subsidiary and three branches, and the National Center for Energy Control (Cenace) will form part of the CFE, will coordinate the production of the company and the private participants.

También desaparecerían la Hydrocarburos National Commission (CNH) and the CRE, with which the CFE will take care of obtaining permits and licenses in the private sector.

On the other hand, the United States Commercial Representation (USTR, by its English seal) revises the Electricity Reform Initiative presented by the Government of Mexico to the Congress of the Union to determine whether to encourage violations in the Treaties between Mexico, United States (T-MEC).

The approval of the initiative requires the qualified vote of the Congress and holds a debate on the type of national economy that will be removed in the future.



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