Trivial: Do you know more about sustainability and the environment than a 12-year-old student?

  • Test your knowledge about sustainability with this 10-question test

Today we propose a fun and original way to expand your knowledge about the sustainability and the environment. With this trivial of just 10 questions you will be able to put your knowledge to the test and find out if you know more than a 12-14 year old child.

For the elaboration of this questionnaire the boys and girls of the + Sustainable Schools of Barcelona They have participated by contributing their knowledge to be able to elaborate 10 questions that, in addition to putting you to the test, will teach you everything you do not know. The Sustainable Schools Program was born in 2011 with the aim of raise awareness through education and commitment for contribute to sustainability and extend environmental culture in educational centers to act as agents of change in the city, starting with the youngest.

Dare to expand your knowledge and show that you are “the crack” of the environment.

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