Trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015: Salah Abdeslam clears some of his co-defendants

Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the commandos who struck France on November 13, 2015, again inadvertently spoke to clear three of his co-defendants, at the start of the second day of the trial in Paris for these attacks.

“They rendered me services when they knew nothing at all” about possible responsibilities in the attacks of November 13, proclaimed Salah Abdeslam, citing Mohammed Amri, Hamza Attou and Ali Oulkadi, three of his relatives in Brussels having helped him during his run after the attacks of November 13th.

“They did nothing,” he added, before his microphone was cut off by the president of the special assize court, Jean-Louis Périès, who then suspended the hearing.

Salah Abdeslam had started to speak, as soon as the hearing resumed, while a legal debate was underway on the admissibility of certain civil parties.

That of legal persons such as the municipalities of Paris and Saint-Denis, as well as certain establishments hit by the attacks, including the Bataclan and the bistro La bellequipe, is contested by the public prosecutor.

“Will the victims there have been in Syria and Iraq, will they be able to speak? », Vituperated Salah Abdeslam, dark hair combed back, wearing a white sweater with stripes of colors.

“In principle, one is presumed innocent before being tried […] even if I do not endorse your justice, ”he said.

“We leave the debate, Mr. Abdeslam”, cut it for the first time the president of the court.

“Don’t be selfish, sir,” retorted the 31-year-old defendant, “there are other people here who want to listen to me.”

“You have had five years to explain yourself, you did not wish to make statements as is your right. I have now understood that you want to do it, and that is very good, but this is not the time, ”said Jean-Louis Périès, before suspending the hearing.

The first day of this historic trial, which is to last nine months, had already been marked by several scandals by the main accused.

Twenty people in total appear before the special hearings, six of them by default.

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