TMSourcing launches railway investment vehicle

TMSourcing, a financial and legal services company, launched the specific purpose investment vehicle Ameriko Railways Infrastructure & Real Estate, focused on the railway and real estate sector in Mexico and Latin America, with which it seeks to mitigate mobility and land use planning problems in the big cities of the country.

Adolfo González Olhovich, president of TMSourcing and founder of Ameriko Railways Infrastructure & Real Estate, explained in a conference on the occasion of the presentation of the new vehicle, that they have identified more than 50 opportunities that fit with Ameriko’s strategy, since these have the rights of way.

However, so far they have submitted five unsolicited rail proposals to different local governments, two have shown interest, although they preferred not to reveal names. Therefore, for this year, the Ameriko vehicle plans to attract an investment of 300 million pesos and by 2022 generate investments for 200,000 million pesos to undertake between 10 to 12 projects.

“Our intention is to have a vehicle with a specific purpose that concentrates technology, knowledge and that can invest in different projects to generate connectivity and assist with the authorities in land use planning,” said González, after highlighting the “serious problems” of connectivity in the big cities of the country.

He said that they will seek to participate, mainly, in intra and interurban infrastructure projects in densely populated cities, such as Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, Querétaro, where transfers by public transport, car or plane are inefficient.

González Olhovich said that the vehicle will invest in two phases. The first in the development of feasibility studies for railway projects, which includes housing and commercial real estate developments. The second will consist of implementing, developing and operating the works.

The vehicle was presented after a decree was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation declaring the projects of the Federal Government of public interest and national security.

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