They warn of a lag in the disclosure of ESG information

Among the companies listed in the stock market there is a great lag in terms of disclosure, quality and standardization of information related to practices and actions with an environmental, social and corporate governance (ASG) approach, concluded the study “The stock market and Mexico’s climate goals “.

The report, developed by MéxiCO2, a subsidiary of the Mexican Stock Exchange Group, for the Green Finance Advisory Council, in coordination with the British government, found 1,553 actions and projects developed by 31 public companies listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange, disclosed in your sustainability reports.

Of these initiatives, the highest number were found in the industrial sector, with 385 projects and actions, followed by waste, with 302; water, with 288; energy, with 259 and transportation, with 146. On the contrary, only four projects were identified for agriculture, 33 for oil and gas, 72 for residential and commercial.

Therefore, Eduardo Piquero, general director of MéxiCO2, underlined, in a conference on the occasion of the presentation of the study, the need for companies listed on the Stock Exchange to present more and higher quality information.

He highlighted that in Mexico there are investment instruments specially dedicated to channel resources that contribute to mitigating climate change, such as thematic bonds, real estate investment trusts, as well as energy and infrastructure.

In his speech, José-Oriol Bosch Par, CEO of Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, highlighted the importance of mobilizing financing with an ESG approach, since investors now not only focus on taking care of the performance of their investments, but also on the impact that these may have on the climate and society.

“Investors today can sacrifice performance in exchange for caring for the environment, supporting society, having healthy rules of corporate governance,” he commented.

He stressed that the stock exchanges, regulators and other market participants must take care not to fall into “excesses or abuses” in handling ESG issues in projects and investments. Likewise, he said that the disclosure of this type of information is crucial for the development of business strategies that allow facing the risks posed by climate change.

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