Even if some schools in Quebec are full to bursting, the school network will be able to accommodate all the Ukrainian students who will come to settle in the province with their families in the coming weeks, assures the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge.

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The newspaper reported Thursday that in the Quebec region, the Découverters school service center will not be able to accommodate young Ukrainians since all its primary and secondary schools are already filled to capacity.

However, the situation is different in the two other service centers in the capital, which should have the necessary space to accommodate new students, it is said.

In the office of the Minister of Education, the press attaché Florent Tanlet affirms that the ministry was aware of the situation.

Even if some service centers do not have the necessary space, Ukrainian students may be redirected to other schools, which could lead to “logistical” issues and not a lack of space in the school network, affirms- he.

“All the students who will arrive from Ukraine will have a place in Quebec schools,” he says.

The cabinet evokes the possible arrival of 500 to 1000 children in the coming weeks, while specifying that no number has yet been confirmed by the federal authorities.

It also remains to be seen whether these families will settle mainly in Montreal or in other regions of the province.

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