The XXXIV Acapulco 2021 International Mining Convention concludes

With the celebration of the ordinary general assembly of the Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico, which was headed by the president of the organization, Sergio Almazan Esqueda, concluded the XXXIV International Mining Convention which was developed with the attendance and participation of around 7,000 exhibitors, speakers and special guests.

The annual report of the national board of directors was presented at the assembly. In parallel, the general assembly of the women’s committee was held, headed by Minerva Hernández de Silvia, who also presented a summary of the activities carried out during the first year of management.

Sergio Almazán Esqueda, president of the AIMMGM, pledged to continue working so that “the mining-metallurgical industry that is practiced is exemplary, responsible, at the forefront and that it continues to comply with national and international standards.”

Almazán Esqueda considered that the event met expectations in terms of the conventioneers exchanging experiences, learning about new technologies, innovative processes to improve efficiency and productivity, and new studies on mining matters.

Furthermore, “we fulfill the main objective of organizing the Convention because in the 70 years of existence of the AIMMGM we have held this great meeting every two years. We faced a major challenge, because still two months ago there were many doubts that the Convention could be carried out, but fortunately we did it under strict care of the health security protocols. It was an issue that we put in the foreground: the safety of all attendees, “he said.

Another issue on which progress was made was in the approach with the federal and state authorities. “I think there is an opening. The working groups have already started, and that the authorities have come, it is progress ”.

The Convention officially began on October 19 and had the national presence of mining experts, geologists, metallurgists, university students and investors who attended the Expo to hold business meetings and were able to learn about new equipment, machinery, communication systems and other technological developments to make your professional activity more efficient and productive.

They highlighted keynote conferences related to: Generalities of lithium in Mexico; Transformation and lessons learned during my career in mining; Soil subsidence susceptibility analysis in the state of Yucatán; Sustainable mining: New paradigm for the protection of human rights.

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