Quebec’s education minister denounces the ‘culture of intolerance and erasure’

Jean-François Roberge and his French counterpart refer to the culture of cancellation as “attacks directed against freedom of expression and civic sense.”

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The education ministers of Quebec and France denounce actions related to the “cancellation of culture” and described their respective educational systems as a “primordial bulwark against ignorance and obscurantism.”

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“The refusal to question one’s beliefs or certainties, to confront or even listen to opposing points of view shows a worrying backsliding of the democratic mind,” wrote Quebec Education Minister Jean-François Roberge and his French counterpart Jean -Michel Blanquer. in an open letter.

The ministers cited the example of sections of the Tintin and Lucky Luke comic books that were burned and buried because of their representation of indigenous peoples.

The two men said they believe the “culture of intolerance and erasure” has been imported from American college campuses and is “a far cry from the values ​​of respect and tolerance on which our democracies are based.”

The many examples of cultural bans that have occurred in France and Quebec are “targeted attacks on freedom of expression and civic sense that go back to the darkest days of Western society,” they wrote.

The ministers said they are organizing meetings between young people and “intellectuals” to discuss the issue. The objective of the exercise is to fight against “the radicalization of the position taking”.

The letter concludes with the ministers stating that “it is not by giving up who we are or ignoring where we come from, as the ‘memory killers’ claim, that we can celebrate progress and move into the future.”

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