The workers of the Montreal and Laval CPEs have a strike mandate


The daily life of parents of young children could be turned upside down in the fall in the regions of Montreal and Laval, when the workers of the Early Childhood Centers (CPE) have given themselves a strike mandate.

In a press release published Wednesday evening, the Federation of Health and Social Services affiliated with the CSN (FSSS-CSN) announced that their 2,500 CPE members have given their union a ten-day strike mandate which will be used ” at the appropriate time, probably in the coming weeks ”.

Still according to the FSSS-CSN, the strike mandate was provided “with a strong majority”, but the exact figures were not disclosed.

The day before, the union confirmed that a 10-day strike mandate had been voted for Mauricie and Center-du-Québec. For Quebec and Chaudière-Appalaches, the measure was announced at the beginning of the month.

Ultimately, 11,000 members could endow themselves with a strike mandate. The FSSS-CSN is currently on a tour to obtain a strike mandate for all regions of Quebec.

The workers of the Quebec childcare centers have been without a work contract for 18 months. During their negotiations with the government, they notably demand a fair wage increase for all job titles. The educators also want the means to provide better services to children, including those with special needs.

“The government is proposing an increase of up to 12 percent for qualified educators only, while it melts considerably for other job titles, just as essential for children and their parents,” said the president of the Union of workers of the CPEs of Montreal and Laval, Carolina Cerpa.

Childcare technicians are paid an hourly rate of $ 19 when they take up their duties and peak at $ 25 after 10 years. Their union demands an average increase of $ 4 an hour in the first year, catching up, in addition to annual indexation and a one percent annual increase.


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