The US government is prepared to manage a possible wave of migrants starting in May, when the Covid-19 rule that allows almost all undocumented immigrants crossing the border with Mexico ceases to be applied, several officials said Tuesday.

The Joe Biden administration will apply a “comprehensive strategy” Faced with the expected increase in asylum seekers and refugees that they will try to enter the country when this regulation known as Title 42 is rescinded on May 23 and that it has been applied since the beginning of the pandemic, the officials said in a press teleconference, on condition of anonymity.

The immigrants they will be able to apply for humanitarian entry under Title 8, which some critics of immigration policy say will overwhelm border authorities and perhaps bring in hundreds of thousands of migrants who would be allowed to stay while they are screened. your requests.

But, according to officials, those without legitimate motives, and especially immigrants who repeatedly cross the border illegally, will have to face the law.

“When he gets up title 42normal border operations will be restored under Title 8 processing,” a senior government official told reporters.

Following the change, “asylum and other avenues of legal migration will continue to be available to those seeking protection, and those who do not meet the requirements will be immediately expelled,” the official said.

Officials nonetheless acknowledged the possibility that Title 42 remains in forcefirst applied by the government of former Republican President Donald Trump and criticized by migrant advocates.

A court of Louisiana (South) announced that it will issue a temporary restraining order that would block the government’s intention to rescind it, following a lawsuit filed by opposition Republicans.

The Biden administration will abide by that order when it comes, another official said.

But “we really don’t think it makes sense,” he added, because keeping the title 42 would prevent the government from using the expedited removal provided under the title 8.

That “is going to prevent us from adequately preparing for strong immigration enforcement when the public health order expires,” the official argued.

Migratory pressure has increased in the last two years, intercepting around 220,000 people a month trying to cross the border from Mexico.

Most of them are from Central America and of South Americabut others come from South Asia and, more recently, from Ukraine.

Senior officials say they promote coordination with the Central American countries through which the majority of migrants transit to stop the flow north and expel them to their countries of origin, and that they strive to put an end to human trafficking groups.

They also maintain that they are increasing the capacity to process refugee applications so that they can stay.



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