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The spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, declared this Monday that it opens the possibility of recognizing a government in Afghanistan of the Taliban if you “defend Human Rights and reject terrorists”.

“Ultimately, when it comes to our stance towards any future government in Afghanistan, it will depend on the actions of the Taliban,” he told a news conference.

“The fact is that a future Afghan government that defend the basic rights of your pueblo and that does not give refuge to terrorists, that is a government with which we could work “, has specified.

Regarding the flight from the country of the president, Ashraf Ghani, Price has mentioned that “there has been no formal transfer of power” and that the United States is working with the international community to determine who to recognize as a leader in Afghanistan.

The insurgents managed to take over the country in less than two weeks and, in their final assault on Kabul, struggled to launch messages against the violence.

Thus, when they officially confirmed the entry into the Afghan capital, they said they were doing it to guarantee security and avoid a power vacuum.

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