The union denounces the “Amazon” management of the SAQ

The Union of Store and Office Employees of the SAQ is stepping up to denounce the “Amazonification” of the state-owned company in a press conference scheduled for Friday morning.

“The SAQ is moving towards prioritizing its online offer and automating orders in its main warehouse in Montreal,” lamented SEMB-SAQ.

This “Amazon-like” vision has already had major impacts on employees of the branch, according to the CSN-affiliated union.

The SEMB-SAQ does not fail to denounce this “centralizing approach” which, according to him, leaves less room for the regions and the advisory services offered by the employees.

The press conference will be hosted by the president of the union and the president of the Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal (CSN) at the head office of the SAQ, in Montreal, at 7:30 a.m.

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