The Taliban hang a body in the main square of an Afghan city, says a witness

The Taliban hung a body from a crane in the main square of the western Afghan city of Herat, a witness told the Associated Press on Saturday.

The last: Wazir Ahmad Seddiqi, who runs a pharmacy on one side of the square, said that four bodies the Taliban took four bodies to the main square where one was hanged. The other corpses were transferred to other parts of the city for public display.

What do they say? The Taliban members rescued a father and son who had been abducted by four people, but did not elaborate on the identity of the abductees, said Ziaulhaq Jalali, a Taliban-appointed Herat district police chief.

  • A Taliban fighter and a civilian were wounded by the kidnappers, but “all four (criminals) died in the crossfire.”
  • Also on Saturday, a regime official reported that a roadside bomb struck a car in the capital of Nangarhar, injuring at least one person.
  • Taliban spokesman Mohammad Hanif reported that the person injured in the attack is a municipal worker.

Main source of the news: AP

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