The study of independence paralyzes the activity of Parliament in the case of Juvillà

  • The Mesa discusses formulas to try to blind the scouting route through the order of the Junta Electoral Central

Independentism intends to gain time and flex the order of the Junta Electoral Central (JEC) to withdraw the intermediate form scan to the cup Pau Juvillà. Tras is incapacitated by the Superior Tribunal of the Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) by refusing to disclose the yellow leaves of its despatch at the Paeria de Lleida in 2019, in full election period, ERC, Junts and the CUP buscan formulate what they want to avoid to supplement the order of the administrative organ while it is in the hope of a firm judgment of the Supreme Court.

On the eve of this March, the President Laura Borràs have you been frene toda la actividad parlamentaria has agreed with the commission of the statute of the deputy the next step to avoid entering into a territory in which, to maintain the functions of Juvillà, series a deacated. This paralysis supports a freno to the cididianidad of Parliament has to convene the commission and vote an agreement that powder should pass through the plenum. The rest of the parliamentary arc and credibility of the idea, but within the sovereignty the tampon position is unanimous because it must perfectly fulfill the conditions and the impact on the home.

ERC sources point out that the minimum possible time for this to happen in parliamentary activity is due to the fact that the defense of Juville does not imply a violation of the rights of the remaining 134 deputies and preserves the dignity of the institution. The CUP, for its part, will study how to address the issues even with good plans.

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The JEC has five days to Borràs to inform of the decisions that tomariae in the completion of the withdrawal of the act with a fee of 20 years, and parliamentarians are informed that they have the fours to maneuver.

In parallel, Juvillà was affected by a health problem that he was asked to assist during the Mesa meeting and that complicates his activity with electricity. All forms, sources of the CUP insist that they do not start their scan unless they have to go to the third secretariat of the Mesa to enter a new cup in their pocket.

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