Mejoran the epidemic data in Catalonia, per haun 41 dead deaths by covid

La epidemic curve of the sexta ola del covid sigue cayendo en picado en Catalunya con la best of all indicators epidemic, although one registers one media of 41 diary failures by covid in the last week, while starting to download the ingress number hospitalarios.

Following the updated dates this March by the Salut Department, hay 3,010 people entered per covid in hospitals, 32 less than ayer, of those 453, diez less than the visper, there are graves in the ucis, 305 of those intubated and 21 with ECMO (extracorporeal respiration).

Rebrote cayendo seis días

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Rebrote risk (EPG), indicating that the potential crime of the epidemic, which reached 16 years ago the maximum of the epidemic with 6,903 points, there were six days ago in Picado, and it was located at 4,433 points, 532 less than it was.

La propagation speed of the enfermedad (Rt) is maintained by the third consecutive day of one and has been up to 0.79, ochos centésimas menos que ayer, con lo que cada 100 infatados contagian a una media de 79 personas, es decir, que el número virus infections are contraindicated.

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