The sixth wave of the epidemic continues to rise in Catalonia, with an increase in people in critical condition, three more than yesterday (168), and a high number of infections, about 3,500 more. The ucis are back at occupancy levels as at the end of September, although in a very better than other waves thanks to vaccination. Mortality from covid is also picking up, with 35 deaths in the last seven days, although it is a figure well below the previous waves, when maximums of 2,656 deaths were registered in a week in the first wave (from March 29 to March 4 April 2020), with a peak of 417 deaths in a single day, on March 30, 2020. In the last hours, seven more deaths have been reported.

Although the effects are far from those of other waves, the experts They insist on not letting down their guard and on the importance of vaccination, which has been accelerated these days by the obligation to present the covid passport in bars and restaurants.

Hospitals and CAPs

According to updated incidence data this saturday by salutToday there are 704 hospitalized with covid, nine less than yesterday, of the 168 are serious in ucis. Primary care is the one that is noticing this growth the most: yesterday they treated 15,394 covid patients in the CAPs, about double that of a couple of weeks ago, a pressure on the outpatient clinics that not registered since the beginning of August.

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The risk of regrowth (EPG), an index that measures the growth potential of the epidemic, continues to rise considerably and has stood at 378 points, 18 more than yesterday, close to 384, which was the maximum in the fourth wave on April 12.

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The indicator that remains stable or is even decreasing is the speed of spread of the virus, the Rt, which today is 1.31 two hundredths less than yesterday. From 1 point it is considered that the virus is expanding, a level that since it was surpassed in early October it has not gone below that top.

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