The police clarified but did not detect the fentanyl hidden in the buttocks of a prisoner: SIU

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A 51-year-old man who overdosed on fentanyl while in Windsor police custody used undiscovered drugs hidden in his buttocks, the director of the province’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has determined.

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Joseph Martino announced Friday that three Windsor police officers did not commit a criminal act in connection with the overdose, but should “be more vigilant and take greater precautions with regard to … care in custody.”

On August 12, the man was arrested and searched twice, which resulted in the seizure of various drugs.

The man consumed the hidden fentanyl by stretching the shirt he was wearing over his legs, which were folded close to the chest, and tucking his head into the neck.

The man was later found to be in medical distress. They administered three doses of Narcan and took him to Windsor Regional Hospital.

Martino said he was not satisfied that some indiscretion, weighted by the balance with mitigating measures, transgressed the limits of care prescribed by criminal law.

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“I am not satisfied that his conduct amounted to a marked deviation from a reasonable standard of care, much less a marked and substantial one,” Martino wrote in his decision.

“There is no indication, for example, that officers have not substantially complied with police policy that requires prisoners to be checked every 15 minutes. Rather, the log suggests that this is exactly what happened. “

The SIU investigates law enforcement actions resulting in serious injury, death, or pleadings of sexual assault.

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