The passage of ERC, by Emma Riverola

It will like more or less, it will raise more or less blisters, even many, but ERC seems to have taken the path that, in its day, traveled the old Convergència. That journey with a stop and inn in the Generalitat, influence in Spain and (for now) without a stop in Barcelona. A path that the PNV has never stopped traveling. More pactist than groundbreaking. More pragmatic than utopian.

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Every step ERC takes is a stumbling block for Junts. The match of Puigdemont, prisoner of a sector stuck between tension and delirium, loses prominence before the consolidation of the agreements. The less permeable ERC is to criticism, the more its leadership is consolidated. His position is still shaky, true. His gestures often fall into theatricality. Their refusals continue to suffer from an excess of intransigence. But, in recent years, the soil of Catalonia has tilted too much to now aspire to perfect horizontality. No, nothing that happened comes close to democratic normality. Traitor’s cards are still in the air. The faces are still dyed the color of the flags. And the promises fly too high. Lack of time to land. At least you are already looking at the ground.

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