The owner of the brasserie Manoir considers an apartment project

Brasserie Le Manoir, a West Island landmark, opened in 1972.

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The owner of the Manoir brasserie in Pointe-Claire, real estate mogul Peter Sergakis, has an idea to build a residential rental building on a portion of the 8,412-square-meter property located on the corner of St-Jean and Hymus boulevards.

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The project is only in its brainstorming stage with nothing concrete to announce at this time. The brasserie would continue to coexist in the event that an apartment project finally moves forward, an official from Sergakis Holdings Inc. noted.

Sergakis, who bought the Manoir in 2009, had some legal disputes with the city of Pointe-Claire, including thwarted expansion plans. In 2015, he invested around $ 500,000 in interior renovations at Manoir, including his kitchen and freezers. While the Manoir has acquired rights to its current use and size, the city site zoned the area in 2011 for high-density residential development.

Brasserie Le Manoir will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022.

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