The “mail” that opened the door to Medina and Luceño’s hit, key to a possible favor treatment

Podemos asks the judge for proceedings aimed at clarifying how the contact between the commission agents and the City Council was facilitated by Martínez-Almeida’s cousin

The relative of the mayor testifies this Thursday as a witness in the case

The email address provided to Luis Medina and Alberto Luceno to present your offer masks, gloves and tests to detect covid to the Madrid City Council is the key that will help the judicial investigation to clarify if there was any deal favor in this matter, which resulted in the collection of millionaire commissions by the businessmen. For this reason, the popular accusation exercised in the name of United We Can has requested several measures aimed at clarifying how this contact took place and the details surrounding the much “quoted” mail facilitated by Carlos Martínez-Almeida, the mayor’s cousin.

“We have presented new investigative procedures aimed at corroborating whether the commissioners really contacted the City Council by means of a generic email for the provision of medical supplies, as explained on Tuesday by the spokesperson for the purples and regional deputy Alejandra Jacinto.

The matter of the ‘mail’, according to this party, remains in question after the statement this Monday as a witness of María Díaz de la Cebosa, who was the person used by Medina to get in touch with the municipal government to offer medical supplies.

For this reason, United We Can has sent a new letter to the judge in the case, Adolfo Carretero, in which he requests that the City Council be required to inform if a general email existed in the year 2020 intended to receive proposals for the contribution of medical supplies. Likewise, it is requested to provide the emails sent to said address from the emails of those investigated Medina and Luceño.

Protect messages with banks

On the other hand, this part asks the Central Cybercrime Unit to collect the attachments of the emails sent by Medina and Luceño during the year 2020 to the employees of Deutsche Bank and Caixabank branches –entities in which both had the accounts where they received the payment for the operation-, to justify the origin of the transfers they received from the Malaysian company Leno, which is the one that served the product.

Once these files are obtained, he asks that the police experts issue a metadata extraction report of the aforementioned documents to determine the actual date thereof. “We intend, with the intervention of the Cybercrime Unit, andclarify whether the contracts of commission agents with the Malaysian company have been created ‘ad hoc’ once required by the banks”, explained Jacinto.

These proceedings are considered complementary to the information that the lawyer Carlos Martínez-Almeida, cousin of the first mayor of Madrid, and the person who, according to Medina and the witness De la Cebosa, could provide this Wednesday was the one who facilitated the contact between the commission agents and the municipal government to obtain the contract.

Appearance of the cousin, this Thursday

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The lawyer will appear before the judge, the Anticorruption Prosecutor Luis Rodríguez Sol and the accusations as a witness after the holder of the Court of Instruction number 47 refused to call him as accused, as requested by some of the parties. The reason, that there are no indications to consider that this person put pressure on any municipal official throughout his intervention in this matter, which would mean a influence peddling crime which is currently not considered.

In the summons, however, the judge notes that his testimony is convenient “for know the way in which those investigated contacted with the person in charge of contracting at the Madrid City Council, and if there was any favored treatment with them”.

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