The key series for the week of December 6

  • The recovery of the mythical ‘Alias‘and the series of video-essays on cinema ‘See’, among our proposals for Disney +, Netflix, HBO Max and Movistar +

After saying goodbye to the band of ‘La casa de papel’ and, once again, being amazed by the careful photography of the series, this week we can meet again with the double agent Sydney A. Bristow (‘Alias’) or rediscover moments of cinema ( ‘Voir’). Below, our full proposals.

1. ‘Voir’, look and think and rethink cinema

The latest outcome of the agreement David Fincher With Netflix it is not, unfortunately, another season of ‘Mindhunter’, but we will have to take a look at ‘Voir. The keys to cinema in contemporary culture ‘, in which the director of’ Zodiac ‘and his colleague David Prior give space to various film analysts (such as Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou, from the series ‘Every frame a painting’) to offer your insight into legendary movies or specific moments. Six video-essays of between 10 and 30 minutes. Netflix, Monday, the 6th.

2. ‘Alias’, a classic in ‘streaming’

Disney + recovers in its entirety the 2001 creation of J. J. Abrams, irresistible mix of action, drama and science fiction (or horror, in the fourth season) about Sydney A. Bristow (Jennifer Garner), alleged banker who actually works for a secret branch of the CIA. In his increasingly complex double life, family and friends end up entangled, such as reporter Will Tippin, a young man Bradley Cooper. Fans of Tarantino You can see your idol in the role of McKenas Cole (big name). Disney +, Wednesday, day 8.

3. ‘Welcome to Earth’, Will Smith the Explorer

Nothing like experiencing the spectacle of nature in the first person, but the second best option must be to do it through someone of the charisma, the ability to marvel and the curiosity of Will Smith. In this National Geographic docuseries we will see you approach the depths of the Atlantic, a gorge in Namibia or a glacier in Iceland in the company of elite researchers and adventurers. Co-produced by the director of ‘Madre!’, Darren Aronofsky. Disney +, Wednesday, day 8.

4. ‘Landscapers’, haunting love story

Inspired by real events, but crossed by fantasy, this miniseries tells the unusual love of Chris and Susan Edwards, an a priori ordinary couple, but whose back garden hid a couple of corpses. The main hook is to see in action David Thewlis and the queen Olivia Colman, both unable to make a false gesture. Create and write Ed Sinclair (Colman’s husband, to be exact); directs Will Sharpe (‘The electrical life of Louis Wain’). HBO Max, from Wednesday, the 8th.

5. ‘Alex Rider (S2)’, youthful superspy despite himself

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The screenwriter and novelist Guy Burt surprised last year with his dark transfer to the series of the saga of young people’s books ‘Alex Rider’, closer to ‘Skyfall’ than to the failed film ‘Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker’. Now comes the second season, in which Alex is once again drawn into the world of espionage after the brutal attack suffered by Sabina’s father (Charithra Chandran), a new friend. Toby Stephens (‘Die Another Day’) joins the cast. Movistar +, Saturday, day 11.

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