‘The cop, the convict, the gangster and the thief’

Candice Fox. RBA. 19 €

New black criminal airs arrive from Australia thanks to the nose of Antonio Lozano in RBA. Candice Fox rounds out a complex plot with the title’s four nuanced protagonists whose paths intertwine in Los Angeles. Another title from the antipodes to take into account in the ‘Black Series’ collection is ‘Under a cold light’, by Garry Disher, where a veteran detective returns to the police to solve open cases.

‘Burned skin’

Laura Lippman. Salamandra Black. 20 €A classic ‘noir’ that blows up the norms of the genre. With echoes of ‘The postman always calls twice’, the American author maintains the psychological suspense around a toxic relationship between two lovers who meet in a bar: Polly, an attractive redhead who runs away from her second husband (the first was murdered ), and Adam, a seductive globetrotter.

‘The Age of Innocence’

Michael Connelly. AdN. 18,50 €

The infallible and no less fireproof Michael Connelly presents a new installment of the ‘Lincoln Lawyer’, read Mickey Haller, who this time will have to defend himself, from prison, from a murder charge, because when the police stop his car he finds the body of one of his clients in the trunk. To do this, he will have the invaluable help of Harry Bosch.

‘The right of the wolves’

Stefano De Bellis and Edgardo Fiorillo. Alfaguara. € 22.90

This surprising Italian tandem (De Bellis has been a policeman, economist, sommelier and composer; Fiorillo is a biologist, editor and works in a hospital) makes a brilliant and passionate black debut set in Rome full of intrigues of the 80th century BC A young Cicero who Sherlock Holmes and characters like Crassus and Pompey move in a network of underworld, a massacre, a parricide, vice and corruption.

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‘Justice’ / ‘The commission’

Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Tusquets. 18 €

To mark the centenary of the Swiss writer’s birth, Tusquets continues to recover his crime novels, now classics, where he dissects the souls of criminals, judges and lawyers. In ‘Justice’, a twisted politician shoots a professor in cold blood in a restaurant and entrusts his impossible defense to a young lawyer. In ‘The Commission’, a television journalist agrees to investigate the death of a woman in an Arab country.

‘Buried Truths’ / ‘Buried Truths’

Hjorth & Rosenfeldt. Planet / Column. € 19.90

The Swedish television screenwriting duo present the seventh novel in their addictive series Bergman. Three years after the events of ‘Consensual Lies’, the Stockholm Homicide Unit faces, without leads or witnesses, a serial killer. Meanwhile, a man, a victim of the 2004 tsunami, seeks the help of psychologist Sebastian Bergman, now a grandfather.

‘The forgotten’

Chris Lloyd. Principal Noir. 19,90 €

The Association of Writers of History of the United Kingdom has awarded as the best debut of the year this brilliant ‘Nazi crime’ set in Paris in 1940, in the middle of the German occupation. In an atmosphere of war and constant danger, the French police detective insists on solving the death of four refugees from Eastern Europe in a train car.


Andreu Martín and Joan Miquel Capell. Other way round. € 20

Veteran Andreu Martín and former squad member Joan Miquel Capell unite their ‘criminal minds’ to concoct this police story of drug trafficking and counterfeiting of drugs set in Olympic Barcelona. The death of the daughter of a famous California car driver puts the Catalan regional police in contact with a flamboyant American investigator.

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‘After the shame’

Marc Moreno. Crime Books. € 17.50

The journalist, writer and editor Marc Moreno, who knows from his own experience what cancer is and knows the consequences of a hospitalization, needed to exorcise it in a novel. The result is this psychological ‘thriller’ where the protagonist wakes up after four years in a coma after being run over. He had just broken up with his partner because he had fallen in love with another woman, but now he is alone.

‘The darkest night’

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Hakan Nesser. Destino. € 20.90

The unclassifiable Swedish inspector Gunnar Barbarotti, of Italian origin, turns to his first case on Christmas Eve: two disappearances without apparent explanation within the Hermansson family, which has just celebrated 75 years of their patriarch and 40 of their favorite daughter. Premiere of a Nordic series by one of its most veteran authors.


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