The Governing Council of the Junta de Extremadura has decided that the Extremadura Orchestra do not perform at the concert announced for the day September 25th within the Stone&Music Festival in the Roman Theater of Merida in which the tenor and baritone Plácido Domingo will perform.

In addition, the regional Executive states his “rejection” before the performance of Plácido Domingo within the programming of said Festival, in a company note in which he does not explain the reasons why he expresses his discomfort.

In fact, the regional Executive has decided that from this moment on, “the programming of any concert, festival or event that is sponsored by the regional Administration, must be approved prior to the granting of said sponsorship.”

The concert is held

For its part, the management of the Stone & Music Festival of Mérida has affirmed that the tenor’s concert has not been canceled and has reported that in the next few hours it will announce the orchestra that will accompany it to replace the one from Extremadura.

In a note, the direction of the contest indicates that the function of Plácido Domingo has not been canceled and that “the concert continues to close the program for this year” as announced this Friday.

He adds that “in the next few hours” the orchestra that will accompany him in his performance will be announced to replace the Extremadura Orchestra after the decision of the Extremadura Executive.

“We deeply regret all the controversy that has arisen and in this regard we will also pronounce ourselves in the next few hours,” the statement concludes.

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