The juez del ‘case 3%’ invested by fraud in the Meteorological Service of Catalonia

  • Investigators attribute to former executor Oriol Puig, herman of the ‘exconseller’ Felip Puig, the adjudication of a job performed at Triacom, company investigated by the CDC’s illegal funding

The juez de la Audiencia Nacional que instruye el ‘case 3%’ of presumptive corruption and illegal financing of the extc CDC is investigating a presumption of fraud in the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (Meteocat) when this organism is directed by Oriol Puig Godeshermano de Felip Puig, historian convergent conductor and ‘excelseller’ in the governors of Artur Mas, following the documentation that he had access to EL PERIÓDICO. The Police attribute to the fact that he was the director of the citation entity having had irregular form and had subscribed 70,800 euros for the creation of an IT application that “does not correspond to a real and effective performance of the services & rdquor ;.

The audiovisual producer meets the center of this training Triacom which is the central part of the investigation of a separate piece of land ‘case 3%’ regarding the forthcoming canalization of foundations haci the extint CDC and hacia persons vinculadas hacia this party. The resolutions are included in this detailed process which is investigating “a singularity within the pattern of habitual behavior” followed by the Convergence financing. But in this case, in the process of making donations to its foundations CatDem y Barcelona Forum (‘case 3%’), it is estimated that Triacom will be represented by its representative Oriol Carbówhich was managed by TV3.

La Guardia Civil y los Mossos d’Esquadra he has been in the market for various investigative tours in tornado at Triacom and that he has been abducting from the pages of TV3 for determined programs, such as ‘El Gran Dictat’ and ‘Fisch & Chips’, (31.3 million between 2008 and 2016) company invoices from David Madí, empresario y exdirigente de CDC. Based on an extensive information from the agents, it required information and contracts for 21 entities, between them at the Generalitat Telecommunications Center and the Catalan Corporation of Mitjans Audiovisuals.

The alleged fraud

In this extension, informers are investigating the alleged fraud in which he allegedly participated Oriol Puig, which has not yet been declared public by the National Audit Office. The signal document that in October 2011, when the director of Meteocat, initiated and approved a dispatch for the creation of a development service of a application for mobile devices. If a transaction has been negotiated without publicity. The offer will be presented in three entities, between them Triacom. Only one has the capacity to carry out the work, following the Mossos and the Civil Guard. The pesquisas han sacado a relucir que las otras dos firid candidatas tenían commercial relationship with Triacom. Es decir, actuaron de “comparsa & rdquor ;, concretan los agentes.

Oriol Puig, according to investigators, held counter-organ functions, adjudicated on November 18, 2011, on “irregular form & rdquor ;, the work in Triacom to do thatdo not complete the legal requisites to execute this type of work & rdquor ;. For more than a month, the 29th and 30th of December, the company will issue the invoices to cover the agreed 70,800 euros. A quick one that should not surprise you.

Datos bajo sospecha

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“Given that there is no knowledge of the services to which the invoices are made, the invoices are made, the concept of the errors can not be ascertained, for the purposes of the data contained in them, they are presumably false”. In his opinion, Oriol Puig “Accord & rdquor; with Oriol Carbó “The irregular adjudication of a tender & rdquor; Triacom, which insists it does not have the capacity to execute jobs and presents an “economic and technical offer with errors and contradictions & rdquor ;.

It is not the first time that Oriol Puig is subject to a process by adjudicating authorities under the direction of Meteocat. The Fiscalía de Barcelona abrió in 2016 a diligence to investigate if comitio prevarication and fraud to have adjudicated contracts to four companies afines, one of them vinculada a Pere Pujol Ferrusola, hijo del ‘expresident’ Jordi Pujol. The denunciation against the high cargo was presented by the CUP. Las diligencias, al final, se archivaron.

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