Spain facilitates the gas pipeline in Marruecos

El Gobierno has given one more step in his efforts to overcome the Diplomatic crisis with Marruecos and has acceded to the petition of the former Member State to guarantee its energy security mediating the regasification in Spain of Natural Licuado Gas (GNL) purchased by Rabat and which will be sent to the kingdom by the gas conduit which previously was located on the gas peninsula of Argeliapaís que cerró el grifo el pado 1 novembre pro su diplomatis conflict with Rabat.

El Ministry of Ecological Transition has confirmed to Europa Press that it has responded “positively” to Marruecos’ petition “for support to guarantee its energy security on the basis of commercial relations”, as “to correspond with any other society or vehicle”.

In this sense, the department that directs Teresa Ribera has stated that “with total transparency, Marruecos will be able to acquire natural liquefied natural gas (GNL) in international markets, will launch a peninsular regeneration plant and use the Maghreb gas product to reach its territory”.

The notice, forwarded by Bloomberg, coincided with a statement by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchezwhich of the United Arab Emirates, where the official visit has taken place, has ensured that the country has “a very positive relationship”.

“Always considered by Marruecos a strategic ally in many camps, such as immigration, economic development and security, “he said.

Dicha voluntad también quedó de manifiesto con las recent quabras del del Rey Felipe VI who, approving the reception in the diplomatic corps, spoke first of the crisis in the crisis raised in Spain by the leader of the Front Police, Brahim Ghali, in April.

The monarchy animated that the “juntos” road lands to materialize a new relationship, in line with the deed manifested by Mohamed VI the past August of a new relationship based on trust and mutual respect, do not know what to do securely hope so much in Zarzuela as in Moncloa.

Western Sahara

Tras ello, the first Moroccan minister, Aziz Ajanouchabounded in the message launched by Mohamed VI in November on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the Green March, when he was advised that he does not have “vague or ambivalent positions” in relation to the Western Sahara for those lands that are related to the kingdom .

For its part, the spokesman for Gobierno, Mustapha Baitas, points out that the region’s external relations are supported by “ambition and clarity”. “The ambition exists, and Spain has also expressed its ambition, but in order for this ambition to be rejected, we need much clarity”, recalculated.

In fact, the latest Rabat search term is that the Gobierno recognizes as Morocco the ancient Spanish colony, as well as the United States of America in December 2020 when Donald Trump was in the White House.

For its part, the Gobierno is firmly committed to a political solution to the Sahara Occidental mutually acceptable to the parties in the UN brand. In addition, during the last weeks, the Minister of External Aid, the EU and Cooperation, José Manuel Albaresdefended the need to “find a solution to a conflict that lasts for decades” and that “the more the conglomerate is alive”.

The gesture now makes the peace of mind not less than it could have repercussions in its relationship with Argelia, main gas trainer in Spain. Cabe records that Argel held diplomatic relations with Rabat last August and in November proceeded to the closure of the Maghreb-Europe Gasoduct (GME).

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Dicho gasoducto une Argelia con España a través de Marruecos, por lo que con su cierre Marruecos, además de perder los ‘derechos de paso’ millonarios que ingresaba op de trafici des gas, vio peligrar su abastecimiento energetico, en especial para dos cycles combinad of Tahaddart and Ain Beni Mathar, which increase 10% of the country’s electricity production.

The Moroccan governor initially insisted that no problems with the summit would finally be allowed to help Spain. His Minister of Energy Transition, Leila Benali, has now told Bloomberg that Rabat wants to make agreements with me at least five years to guarantee the GNL summit, in order for the first principles to invite a group of operators to present offers.

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