The Government asks the PP for a State pact and avoid the trenches

  • The PSOE leadership will meet its regional presidents next Friday to try to harmonize positions

  • The popular reject the “stake” and are reluctant to negotiate internally with their economic advisers

The Government opens this November, after passing the first test of the totality of the Budgets, the reform of the autonomous financing model. It is a task that has been pending since 2014, when the current system expired, approved in 2009 by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. The Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, the long process will begin with the presentation of your proposal for adjusted population —A concept that includes demographic and geographic variables—, the key piece, from there to build a new architecture that aims to be designed in this legislature, as stated in an interview in EL PERIÓDICO published this Sunday.

From design to approval, in this case, there will be a stretch, and it will be complicated. In 2022 the new electoral cycle will awaken with Andalusia (and maybe in the Valencian Community and Castile and Leon), prologue of the municipal and the rest of the autonomic ones of May 2023 and of the general ones of the end of that year or the beginning of 2024. With ballot boxes in between, the Government is aware that building consensus is complicated although it does not give up in his endeavor: he wants the new model, for which multiple meetings are required and is a very slow process, to be the result of a state pact with the PP, so that it is approved in the next legislature, whoever governs then governs.

The process begins this November, but it will be long and marked by the elections to come

On the 23rd in Galicia

Pedro’s Executive Sánchez frowns upon the summit convened by Alberto Núñez Feijóo for November 23 (in principle it was going to be held this Tuesday). According to the minister, it only delves into the “trenches & rdquor; and does not allow “advance & rdquor;”. But she and the president are aware that there is not even a common position within the PSOE. That is why Sánchez commissioned the head of the Extremadura joint, Guillermo Fernández Vara, who assumed the Secretariat of Autonomous Policy in the new direction of the party, to channel the debate.

The conservatives ask the Executive to stop doing “surveys” of the directors and take the initiative with concrete proposals

Vara and the leadership of the PSOE will hold, just for that purpose, a meeting with the socialist regional presidents probably next Friday, as confirmed by sources from Ferraz to this newspaper. The barons who are in the opposition in their territories are not summoned, and neither is the Andalusian Juan Swords, new coordinator of the federal political council, the body that brings together Sánchez and all his regional leaders. In other words, the first step that Ferraz adopts is to try to illuminate a minimum position with the presidents, who will be the protagonists of an always conflictive debate that goes beyond ideological borders.

Vara himself, the Castilian-Manchego Emiliano García-Page and the Aragonese Javier Lambán They intend, however, to attend the appointment of November 23, because they understand that it is an “institutional & rdquor; in which it will not only talk about financing and that has been operating for years: its last meeting was in September 2018 in Zaragoza. They thus ignore Montero’s notice, for whom Feijóo presented the appointment as a battering ram for the “confrontation& rdquor; with the government.

Casado demands that “there are no privileges for Sánchez’s nationalists or partners”

For the deputy secretary general of Sectorial Action of the PP, Elvira Rodríguez, it is paradoxical that the Executive wants his party to give him a unique position. “It is the first time that such a process begins with a invited to the opposition. We are not going to negotiate with our advisers “, He declares before demanding that Montero be the one to do this work to combine positions. In the conservative formation, as in the socialist one, the initials do not go hand in hand with the interests. The needs of Castilla y León, with 2.3 million inhabitants and a surface area greater than that of Portugal (94,226 km2 versus 92,212 km2), have nothing to do with those of the Community of Madrid (6.7 million and 8,030 km2) . What the popular Alfonso Fernández asks for Manueco coincides little with what Isabel Díaz claims Ayuso.

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Rodríguez, who was Director General of Budgets and Secretary of State for this matter in the governments of José María Aznar, he also regrets that Montero is “doing polls“to the autonomies on how to do things. He gives the example of when the Government had to decide if the transfer of almost 13,000 million euros to face the covid this year was done taking into account the GDP or the adjusted population and the majority chose the second option. “Our counselors don’t have to solve problems. The ministry has a lot of science to make proposals, “he adds.

Sources of Pablo’s address Married they assure that they will be pending so that “there are no privileges for the nationalists or members of Sánchez“and an attempt is made to combine the responses for communities with population growth and those that are older and more depopulated, for which” each public service costs more. “In addition, these sources point out that, given the difficulty of” increasing income “, the new financing model to also put the magnifying glass on the “efficiency of public spending” and the “reduction of waste”.

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