Solemn and triumphant reopening in La México

Suddenly the lights of the Coso went out, people understood and little by little they were lighting their candles and those who did not, their cell phone; soft music began as the building of the Christmas Eve Cologne was nourished by solemnity and the Virgin of the Rosary carried on an altar by some altar boys to start the ceremony in honor of those who failed to survive the Covid-19 and they are no longer with us, it was a moment of peace, tranquility and reflection on what was experienced.

After the father sent by the Archdiocese Primada of Mexico City, presided over the ceremony, blessed the serial and the audience sang the Our Father, patches and brass sounded, the olé was heard loudly on the lines and began the coming and going of fans, vendors and bull people who, although they could only celebrate the triumph of Juan Pablo, he was satisfied to enjoy his hobby again.

Once the parade was over, the six alternates greeted in the ring to the loud ovation of the 20 or 23 thousand attendees who came to witness the reopening of the arena and who practically filled the numbered but without forgetting the healthy distance and the security protocols such as the QR code scan and the gel at the entrance.

Opened square Uriel Moreno “The Zapata”, who, true to his custom, lit the people’s spirits after making varied sets and covering the third of the flags with his now famous Monumental Par a “Rafio” from Rancho Seco to get the first round of the ring at the reopening. The fret, with changes in the back and on the right side or some natural ones, he finished it off with a full thrust that earned him the palms of the respectable.

For his part Ernesto Javier Calita He faced “Resplandor” from La Joya, with whom he could not connect with the stretchers because he did not trust himself and after a slow thrust of effects he withdrew in silence.

Juan Pablo Sanchez he received “Acitrón” from Jaral de Peñas to the veronica and lanced with temper and cadence, he did not reply Sergio Flores’ cut through saltilleras and offered the death of his enemy to the Matador Alfredo Gutierrez. He began his task as a crutch in the middle, on his knees and on the right side, with tempered passes that he even achieved despite the fact that the bull sought the shelter of the boards and basted a pair of dosantines that were highly chanted to finish off with a good thrust that earned him, by majority request, the first and only ear of the celebration.

Sergio Flores He fought with “Don Raúl” from Los Encinos, a lackluster and stopped bull that he finished fighting for dressing and with which he shortened a full thrust that caused a spill to be silenced in his work.

The fifth of the celebration, “Suspiro” de Jose Maria Arturo Huerta, a bull with very little presence put fatigue to Luis David, who did not stop listening to the loud protests from the public, prodded and was booed after hearing a warning.

The celebration closed Leo Valadez Before “Barbacana” by Pozo Hondo, whom he received on his knees in the media and threw varied, he covered the third of the flags and fought on both sides without connecting with the people, he got heavy with the sword and finished his work in silence after receiving a honk from the judge’s box.

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