the final offensive

Despite the paralysis in the Congress of the Union, the permanence of Ricardo Monreal as coordinator of the Morenista caucus in the Upper House would be assured, at least until next September.

The Executive proposes… and the Legislative opposes. The political-electoral reform initiative that this week —the last of the second regular session of the LXV Federal Legislature— would reach the Senate could suffer the same fate as the electricity reform, defeated by the opposition bloc.

And despite the accumulation of pending issues, the probability that there will be an extraordinary period is minimal, given the disagreements between the political forces. Soon, the politician from Zacatecas will have to decide if he plays for the presidential candidacy and meanwhile, rumors spread about changes in the presidential cabinet.

The case of prosecutor Gertz is due to friendly fire, but the departure of Delfina Gómez would only serve to strengthen the group from Tabasco within the 4T if, as was widely circulated over the weekend, the rector of the UAT, Guillermo Narváez Osorio, comes to the SEP.

At the end of last week, rumors about an imminent replacement in the FGR were running around insistently. The only concrete and verifiable event occurred on Friday the 22nd, at noon, after the office of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in the fight against corruption received the complaint from the former legal adviser to the Presidency, about facts possibly constituting the crimes of influence peddling, coalition of public servants and criminal association. The defendants, in addition to Gertz Manero, are the prosecutors Juan Ramos Flores, Manuel Granado Quiroz and Adriana Campos López, in addition to the Public Ministry María Eugenia Castañón.

Since the lawyer Juan Collado sought access to a criterion of opportunity and denounced the alleged extortion of a trio of lawyers allegedly linked to the former legal adviser, the panorama has broken down for Gertz Manero. In defense of his name, Scherer Ibarra —it is clear— is willing to go to the ultimate consequences.

In the final offensive, the prosecutor’s supporters will be able to do little to stop the leaking of new audios that would dispel any doubt about the blackmail behind the “reparation agreements.” The media handling of this litigation has a clear winner, judging by the effects of the previous disclosure of the audio of the telephone call between Gertz Manero and the prosecutor Ramos Flores, competence matters. The first blow, however, came from the other side…

Whether they dissipate or materialize, the rumors about the departure of Gertz Manero will give way to one of the most scandalous periods of the Fourth Transformation.

Side effects

Ubiquitous. The 21 members of the nascent Association of Capital Cities held their first plenary meeting this weekend in Querétaro. Topic on the agenda: analysis of the best public security policies and strategies. Kristian Hölge, representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Mexico, offered a keynote address. The host Luis Nava Guerrero arrived the day before, from New York, where he was halfway through the week to attend the assembly of the UN Economic and Social Council where the New Urban Agenda was defined to fight against inequalities.

EPILOGUE. With the unanimous vote of its attendees, the general assembly of the Cruz Azul cooperative approved the expulsion of Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas as a member. That same suspensive motion reached another 200 cooperative members, who also face complaints for the looting of the inventories of the Tula and Oaxaca plants. The federal authorities are investigating the probable commission of the crimes of robbery, dispossession and money laundering, while blocking the resources of four bank accounts allegedly used by the Álvarez Garcés family to concentrate the resources of those unauthorized sales, as well as the of 30 former distributors of construction materials.

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Journalist and columnist for El Economista, author of Doña Perpetua: Elba Esther Gordillo’s power and opulence. Elba Esther Gordillo against the SEP.

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