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Re “Ontario Liberals pledge handgun ban” (Antonella Artuso, April 20): I agree wholeheartedly with Ontario Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca. We have to have a ban (law) against handguns. We have laws against speeding, racing, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Don’t forget the laws against profiling, spousal and elderly abuse. I almost forgot to mention laws against stealing cars and/or property. With this gun ban, we will be able to leave our vehicles unlocked as well as our front doors. This ban will complete the circle of bans and laws that we need. If we ban guns, crime will cease to exist. Congratulations to the Liberal Party. Blame anything and everything on us, but leave the criminals alone. Your party has proven once again how totally useless it is.

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Elliott Tavens

(Can’t you smell the election in the air? Talking about handgun bans is a default move for Liberals, without actually addressing the real issues of criminal activity)


Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca pledges to ban handguns. Wow, how many times have we heard that one. Too bad politicians do not know what testing you have to go through just to get a gun license and then further red tape to buy a gun — especially a handgun — legally. This is just vote buying for Toronto. Banning will not stop the killings; letting police do their job will. If bans are so good, why do so many people charged with impaired drive still?

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Steve Whines

(Where is the discussion about criminal justice reform?)

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It disappoints me from recent news that the only responsible political party we have in our great country is being forced to bend under the enormous pressure from voters. I’m disappointed, but I understand completely. It’s painfully obvious from past elections that if you want to win, you’ll have to bribe voters by putting money in their pockets, regardless of how it will impact the future. Having said that, I’m also confident that my dream for the next election should be realized, mother will hand out the proper dose of tough love to put us back on the straight and narrow. Canada will be great again. We’ll be back at No. 1 once we get working again. Hope is the driving force moving us ahead.

Perry Marinucci
Richmond Hill

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(Hope—and a different federal government)


Russian President Vladimir Putin threatens to do a lot of damage to the US if they help Ukraine. So far, the US and others have helped — but no response from Putin. I do not think Putin wants to die, not with billions hidden away and assorted beautiful young women at his beck and call him. A no-fly zone is not a sign of aggression, but merely a statement of “don’t come around here no more!” It’s telling Putin to stay away or else! How does the world allow the murder and rape of innocents, thinking they are doing so much to help? Is the job of all governments not to keep citizens safe?

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Dr Steven Starkman

(It seems none of the actions taken against him have deterred Putin from his unjust war)

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