The death of Rayan, the boy who fell into the well, unites Morocco

  • The tragic outcome of the child under five shocks the Maghreb country like no other event in its recent history

“I don’t remember an event, other than football that has united so much to Morocco”, explains Myriam from Rabat. “She has been like a nightmare&rdquor ;, says Youssef, a young man who also lives in the country’s capital. “When I woke up at night, the first thing he would do was look at the phone to see if the rescue team had advanced. I have lived all this glued to the mobile, in the car, in the market, at home I watched the news & rdquor ;, he adds.

Since last Tuesday, the rescue of the “little hero & rdquor ;, as many in Morocco call Rayan ha kept in suspense and united with the entire country in the hope of being able to save the five-year-old boy who was trapped in a well in the town of Ighran, in the Rif mountains. The tragic outcome has left millions of Moroccans and people around the world shocked. After more than a hundred hours inside the 32-meter well, the teams managed to rescue on Saturday night the Dead body of the minor.

“This morning (Sunday) I felt as if I had woken up with a hangover & rdquor ;, explains Myriam. “I woke up as if a relative had died & rdquor ;, Youssef points out. “It could be any child in my family & rdquor ;, the Mint. Throughout Sunday the messages of condolences and solidarity all over the country. Also outside its borders, like Pope Francis, who from Saint Peter’s Square stated: “A whole people came together to save little Rayan. All the Moroccan people were there to save a single child. They did everything possible & rdquor ;.

messages of condolence

The king Mohammed VI He was the first to call his parents to convey his condolences, at the same time that the statement from the Moroccan Royal House was made public confirming that Rayan had not survived. Authorities of the country, embassies and presidents of other countries also wanted to send a message to Rayan’s family and the Moroccan people. “We share your pain” the French president wrote on social networks, Emmanuel Macron. Also personalities from the world of culture or sports such as Achraf Hakimi, Moroccan PSG footballer, sent messages of strength to the family of the child.

The authorities of the country have not given, for now, more information about the circumstances in which Rayan’s death occurred. no more operational details rescue. The workers dug since last Tuesday without pause, day and night, a difficult and very soft terrain in order to open a parallel tunnel. At various times there were landslides of earth, which made it necessary to secure the cavity with large concrete pipes, avoiding machinery that produces vibrations. They also had to overcome rocks that slowed their progress.

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The messages of encouragement, inside and outside Morocco, were also transmitted to all the people who worked tirelessly on the rescue. “Rayan, may Allah give you rest. Bravo for our rescuers, heroes of a country & rdquor ;, wrote Nizar, a Twitter user. Messages like this did not stop repeating themselves on social networks and on the street. A work that Mohamed VI and the country’s president also recognized after completing the rescue.

The many rescue team workers and Rayan’s family were accompanied during the four days of digging by dozens, hundreds at times, of people who wanted to get closer to the well. many offered volunteers to help There were many moments of silence, interrupted at times by prayers and applause for the workers.

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