The channel of the stars celebrates 70 years with a special program

With the special 70 years shining together, the Las Estrellas channel celebrates that for seven decades it has been part of the preference of the Mexican public through its various contents, ranging from soap operas and comedy programs, to sports broadcasts, musicals and news.

Next Saturday, November 13 at 9 p.m., Las Estrellas 70 años shining together will be broadcast on Las Estrellas, a production by Miguel Ángel Fox that will feature the participation of some of its greatest figures such as Verónica Castro, Toño de Valdés, Ignacio López. Tarso, Galilea Montijo, Adrián Uribe, Andrea Legarreta, Lucía Méndez, Érika Buenfil, José Ron, Enrique Burak and Raúl Araiza.

This two-hour remembrance will encompass the most successful productions of the oldest channel on Mexican television and, without a doubt, the one with the greatest impact and significance in Spanish-speaking countries.

Paola Rojas will be in charge of narrating this 70-year-old story, which goes through both happy moments, such as sporting glories, as well as tragic events full of solidarity, which were promptly broadcast by Las estrellas.

In addition, 70 years shining together will include the most outstanding musical productions, comedy, magazine and variety broadcasts that have accompanied Mexican families; Of course, it will include a special section dedicated to soap operas, an export product that reaches the five continents.

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