The barriers will not move until Tuesday in Ottawa

Ottawa citizens will need to continue to have their identity checked and proof of attendance if they want to access downtown Ottawa on Tuesday, capital police said Monday evening.

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“Police checkpoints will remain in place and you will be asked why you are moving through the neighborhood. Residents to go to the neighborhood if they have a good reason, in particular if they live there, work there or if they shop or go to businesses, ”explained the police.

Separately, police said businesses can now reopen safely after more than three weeks of occupation in the city center. The ByWard Market area has also been excluded from the red zone, where travel is controlled, thanks to a reduction in this zone.

Since breaking up the protest began last Friday, Ottawa police have arrested 196 people, including 110 who have been charged, primarily with mischief and obstruction of police work.

Other charges, including dangerous driving, possession of a weapon or assault have also been filed against some suspects.

The cleaning of the city also continues with, now, a total of 115 vehicles towed to clear the streets.


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