The Barça does meow

It is convenient to start with the essential, with life. How handsome is football, how cool is a Barça-Madrid in an almost full and festive stadium, on a sunny afternoon. Two years ago Camp Nou and its surroundings were not colored by families dressed as azulgrana practicing the pagan ritual of marching towards the stands, to share the unique sensations that a classic produces. More than 86,000 people recovered their pulse from Barcelona, ​​very low after the last attendances and the devastating participation in the Assembly of Compromisarios.

The end of the silence in the Barça temple was not accompanied by a happy scoreboard. The Barça of Koeman he made the most of himself and competed as much as he could against a Madrid as Italian as pizza. Take cover and run Vinicius, who is young and must build a reputation: that was the not very sophisticated plan of Ancelotti. Barça, as has been said, gave everything and it was not enough. No reproaches were heard at the Estadi.

Right now the team inspires a resignation accepted by all, inappropriate for the sometimes unhealthy demands that have always characterized the entity. The vaunted transition involves stoically enduring that despite the effort the results are like this Sunday.

No clawing

It has been difficult for Barça to defeat smaller teams, so the worst was feared against Madrid, of the great lineage. But unlike other parties, he stood well on the field, so there is nothing to censor this time to Koeman, despite the abnormals who harassed him in his car when he left the field. He pressed well and with order, but on the face and cross of occasions, one got (Alaba) and the other, well no (Dest).

In attack, borrowing the metaphor of Ancelotti, Barça was more like a cat than a lion. Memphis, who has a huge feline tattooed on his back, has been meowing for many games. It no longer roars like at the beginning. The boy has deflated. Already Ansu Fati He has a long way to go to hold the ’10’ as requested by the environmental rush.

Both, in any case, need help. In the second half, the Catalans gave the feeling that they could play for a month and would not have given a blow to pierce the goal of Courteous. Some kittens. The both of Omen when the show was over.

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In this transitional interwar classic without Messi ni Ramos, regrouping on both sides, waiting for the Barça children to grow up and land Mbappé in summer in Valdebebas, madridismo lives the present with expectations; Barcelona fans, on the other hand, go with the white flag. Nobody expects to have a lot of parties this year.

Of the injured, Busquets He said that he looks forward to Dembele, the eternal limping, for what it can provide overflow, which denotes how far the impotence of this meowing Barça reaches.

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