The alliance of Feijóo and Ayuso corners a Casado who refuses to resign

Pablo Married He wanted to win a week. The PP leader believes that he has the right to try to put up with the pressures of prominent barons of his party, and also of some media, and this Monday he refused to take a step back. Casado was in a meeting for seven hours with the steering committee, a hard core of a dozen people, and they agreed that next week there will be a national board of directors from which it will come out “a date for the congress”. According to sources from that committee, it is the congress Ordinarywhich would play in July, and not extraordinarythat Alberto Nunez feijoo and Isabel Diaz Ayuso They hope it will be held as soon as possible. According to the statutes, it could be carried out in a month and a half after calling it.

Casado loses support for days. This Monday he had to see several members of his hard core censoring the role of Teodoro García Egea, his secretary general, and demanding that the door be opened to a congress urgently. But, if the unity in his first circle is no longer such, outside, among the barons, he is seeing how his old friend, Ayuso, has forged an unexpected alliance with Feijóo to urge him to leave the presidency and facilitate the replacement as soon as possible. before. That agreement between the two leaders, advanced by EL PERIÓDICO, was known at noon, while in Genoa the leader of the popular was meeting with his management committee analyzing possible solutions to resist the attack.

The understanding between the baron cwith more internal authority and the politics with the most pull among popular voters is now Casado’s main problem. Between the two they can try to achieve, using the channels of the statutes, that next week the call for an extraordinary congress be debated and voted on. In principle the board of directors was going to be on Monday, but it is the Day of Andalusia and the president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, requested to change it. It will probably be Tuesday.

If they want, they can introduce that point on the agenda in the coming days, gathering signatures from the members of the national board of directors (about 400, including deputies, senators, regional presidents, Provincial Presidents and mayors with more than 50,000 inhabitants). They need the support of half plus one so that this matter can be discussed in the conclave. Later, to convene the urgent congress, 66% of the supporters would be required.

Calls to the president of the Xunta

Feijóo is seconded by Juanma Brown (Andalusia) and also Alfonso Fernández manueco (Castilla y León), in addition to up to “11 regional presidents” that these days they consulted the first two what could be done to stop the “disaster & rdquor; of the PP. According to sources familiar with the multiple calls he is receiving, the Galician politician is not only pushed by his own party to give this battle. These days he has also received numerous requests from businessmen from all over Spain to be encouraged to become the leader of the popular. So that this time it does not remain a threat, as in 2018. The understanding between Casado and the different employers has been very uneventful, with a total disagreement in the last section as the PP did not support the labour reform agreed between the CEOE, the unions and the Government.

The head of the popular ones promised with his steering committee to leave the conclave next Monday with “a congress date”

The current leadership no longer controls the territorial power, warn sources from Moreno’s teams and manueco, because Casado’s performance against Ayuso “has disoriented intermediate positions and the bases” and there is a request to change course. However, some of the critics consider that this strategy of the president of the PP shows that he wants “hold on to the end” and “he wants to die killing & rdquor ;.

conversations on sunday

On Saturday afternoon, the barons were not clear about Ayuso’s plan. They did not know if, after the furious clash with Casado, she was willing to fight him and would try to lead the PP. The president of the conservatives had just given up when announcing that the party would close the file that had been opened two days earlier on suspicion of corruption. The transfer of the head of the popular gave such power to the Madrid leader that Feijóo and Moreno did not know how she would want to take advantage of it.

Twenty-four hours later, Feijóo already learned from Ayuso herself that her aspirations, at least for now, are in Madrid. The head of the Madrid Executive sent a clear message to the critical barons that she will not appear at the convened congress.

The leader underlined her three objectives at this time: clean up her image due to the commissions that her brother has received thanks to contracts with the Community, “Win the regional elections of 2023 & rdquor; and being president of the PP in Madrid, a position that Casado did not want her to assume and that is the origin of the implosion of the party.

The Madrid leader told the Galician chief executive on Sunday that she will not appear at the future congress to lead the party

The understanding between the Madrid president and the leader of the Xunta was such that they even agreed to make statements on Monday at almost the same time to demand that Casado make decisions as soon as possible. One, in Ourense, and, another, in Boadilla del Monte, They made it clear that Casado has to let go of the party’s reins and give up the baton. If not, they will use the channels that the statutes mark to knock him down. In his statements to the press, the Galician baron warned the leader of the PP that he was unable to resolve the crisis “in the first half” (on Friday) and ordered him to do so “in the second and final” (this Monday). .

The Feijoo train

The step next to Ayuso, advancing Feijóo who will not appear in the primaries, leaves free passage to the baron par excellence, to the president of the absolute majorities, to the leader who let the train pass in 2018, after the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy, and to whom everyone is now looking again.

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A baron who has spoken with him these days explains that Feijóo has done the math: he has 60 years, in Galicia it has fulfilled its commitment and is aware that this train will never pass by again. It’s now or never.

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