The abandonment of Noelia Vera facilitates the dilution of Podemos in the Yolanda Díaz project

The left staggers. The recent resignation of Noelia Vera as Secretary of State for Equality has upset the internal board of United We Can, in full reconstruction in the face of the next general elections, still far on the horizon but which present several challenges. For Yolanda Díaz, vice president and great bet of the party, there were two: fill Pablo Iglesias’ shoes and relaunch a formation with new name, political space and members. Now the second is closer than ever.

Díaz’s plans do not necessarily coincide with those that Pablo Iglesias had drawn up for her when he appointed her successor. On the contrary, the vice president has been preparing “a new country project” for some time that happens, this time necessarily, with rebuilding the soup of acronyms to the left of the PSOE, as SPANISH already advanced. Also with signing peace with Íñigo Errejón and Más País, split from the party at the beginning of 2019.

The road map of Díaz, who is not even a member of the purple formation, had been drawn up before the summer, but had several problems to carry out. Specifically, three: Ione Belarra, Irene Montero and Noelia Vera, the three representatives of the hard core of Podemos who, at least in private, have been opposing the facelift for several weeks. At the very least, that Podemos does not lead the candidacy, even changing its name.

Irene Montero, Yolanda Díaz and Ione Belarra.

Irene Montero, Yolanda Díaz and Ione Belarra.

Díaz, in her particular pulse, does not want the parties or their executives to show her the way, so she tries to manage the times, forms and funds herself. The purple ones, for their part, played a double game: tune in with the impulse and the good image of the vice president and, in parallel, draw up a plan so as not to lose prominence and power within the new project. The chosen date: the weekend of October 8-10, during the internal conclave.

Now the resignation of Vera, known within the purple party for 10 days, has paved the way for the new project, a broad front without egos, masculinities, noise and fights, advanced the vice president interviewed by SER string. However, and as EL ESPAÑOL has learned from internal training sources, the resignation of the Secretary of State for Equality is due to issues “Purely personal” not related to this change of course.

Ione Belarra, Irene Montero and Yolanda Díaz.

Ione Belarra, Irene Montero and Yolanda Díaz.


The only possible course

Throughout the purple confluence, they are clear that Díaz is the only candidate who can replace Iglesias and even avoid the decline that the party has been leading since the 2016 elections, when he joined his acronym with Izquierda Unida. Today they add up 35 seats, less than half of those who achieved then, and things do not seem to be getting better. He made a revulsive easy.

But nothing is that easy. The new roadmap needs, more than anything, the support and signature of Ione Belarra and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, the two visible heads of the party. Also that of the new batch of leaders who have taken responsibility after the last congress, the first in the post-Iglesias era: the spokeswoman in Madrid, Isa Serra, the Secretary of State for Social Rights, Noelia Vera, and the MEP Idoia Villanueva. The negotiation was in the air: and of the five there are only four.

Even so, giving up the acronym – even “Podemos” itself – in order to save the furniture seems to be the least of the evils. The situation is not the same as in 2015, with the social push for change, the comeback from the base and mobilization from the street. Now, the only nail to hold on to is a Galician politician, a former deputy mayor of Ferrol, who is only affiliated with the Communist Party. “The objective remains the same: that Yolanda be president,” they reveal from their surroundings.

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