The 1×1 of the Barça players against Madrid

The improvement expressed by Barça was not enough to stop Madrid. The team leveled the score twice, but could not with the third, with very few players in their best form.

He made a category save that, in the end, ended in a goal. Solved the easy job. The pole helped him once.

He held the guy very well against Vinicius in one on one. His countryman shone away from him.

Araujo: Indestructible (8)

Conditioned by the broken fingers on his hand, he used intelligence and utilized his massive frame to slow down Vinicius’ speed and Benzema’s skill.

He lacked a point of vigor and rigor, he was very permissive granting spaces. It was beaten too soon at 2-3.

Very lukewarm in the first half against Asensio was corrected after the break. In the risk he extreme his attention.

Lost in the first half, like everyone else, he readjusted his position and showed signs of life in the passing game without being relevant.

Busquets: Manager (5)

He spent the game trying to repair the serious mistake he made at 0-1. He did it with more successful interventions.

Frenkie de Jong: Invisible (4)

It is seen that he played the classic but nobody noticed him. Nobody missed him. One minute from Pedri was worth the Dutchman’s 45 minutes.

He made his debut after three months injured and paid for his lack of rhythm. He couldn’t get past Mendy. He was substituted at the break.

Luuk de Jong: Hot (6)

The only shooter in the first half revived hope with the equalizing goal. He has three goals in five games.

Dembélé: Unsuspected (5)

He did many things, some very well, others very badly, and none of them were completed. Revolutionary without finishing anything.

He reappeared since his injury in September and was one of the best. He brought energy and ideas and a lot of inner game.

He relieved Ferran as a right winger and couldn’t with Mendy either, who stopped him with his trade. He was then replaced.

Ansu Fati: Exciting (7)

He fed his legend as a scorer. Shortly after entering the field, he hit the header for 2-2,

He entered for a tired Gavi and did not intervene much, with the game already very vertical.

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He appeared to play as a midfielder in a 3-4-3, and found spaces to create superiorities and reach the area.

He barely had ten minutes. He tried to go deeper once.

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