Telmex will maintain the cost of its fixed telephony and internet services to reduce inflationary pressure

The company Telephones of Mexico (Telmex) reported that despite the inflationary pressure that the country is going through, the cost of fixed telephony and internet services to its customers will not increase.

“There will be no increase in the prices of their services. With this action, Telmex It will help reduce the generalized inflationary pressure that is affecting most countries, including Mexico, and thus benefit our current and potential clients,” the company said in a statement to its clients.

He stated that he will continue making his investments “to remain at the forefront of technology, offering as always the largest and best telecommunications network, through which it provides its customers with the best services, in the best conditions, throughout the entire world.” country”.

The National consumer price index (INPC) presented an inflation of 0.16% in the first fortnight of April 2022, so the annual rate was 7.72 percent. As a reference, in the same period of 2021, biweekly inflation was 0.06% and annual 6.05 percent.

The prices of agricultural products increased 0.65%, highlighting the price of tomato, serrano pepper and avocado, which were sold at 16.65, 15.16 and 4.73% more expensive, respectively. Energy prices and rates authorized by the government fell 1.70% at a fortnightly rate, which was mainly due to adjustments in electricity rates within the warm season scheme in 18 cities in the country.


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