Teenage molester convicted

A 45-year-old man has been found guilty of sexual assault on minors, in particular for his involvement in a despicable competition initiated by a pedophile 20 years ago in a riding center in Saint-Amable.

David Roussy was arrested in 2019 along with his longtime friend and roommate Danny Lamoureux. The duo was facing numerous charges of a sexual nature.

The instigator of these crimes is the father of one of them, Clément Lamoureux, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2020.

The 68-year-old molested a dozen young girls over a 20-year period when he was a riding coach at a stable.

Her son and Roussy were also involved in some degrading and traumatic events.

“Blow Job Contest”

David Roussy was found guilty last week of sexual assault, invitation to sexual contact and sexual touching of minors. The facts occurred at the stable, between 1999 and 2001.

A “blowjob contest” involving a 13-year-old girl is among the degrading events for which the three men are accused.

On another occasion, when a young girl of the same age was taking a shower, David Roussy joined her, positioned himself behind her and touched her, while Clément Lamoureux then also indulged in gestures of a sexual nature.

Other attacks took place afterwards. One victim even thought he was in love with Roussy.

As for Danny Lamoureux, the now 48-year-old man pleaded guilty to sexual assault last May. He received a suspended sentence of 15 months as well as two years probation.

Justice was served

One of the victims of the attacking trio is happy to see that justice has been served in her case.

“The system has just proved to me that it is possible to have justice, launches Marie-Elyse Guertin, who asked in 2020 to drop the order which protected her anonymity in order to comment publicly on the file. I encourage all victims to report. It’s really relieving. »

– With Jonathan Tremblay


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