“Star Academy”: Mountains of emotions

Emotion is an inseparable ingredient of the Variety of “Star Académie”, whether in the numbers with confirmed artists, such as Paul Piché or Laurence Jalbert, or when the Academicians give access to their soul through their interpretation. But that was not enough for Gäelle, the first to leave the adventure.

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Éloi Cummings is the youngest of the gang, but he is above all the one who knows Paul Piché’s repertoire the best. The honor came to him to start the medley on “There’s not much in the sky tonight”. Paul Piché has left all the room to young people on several of his great successes such as “A sand castle”, “On my skin”, “Happy with a spring” or even “I call”.

Gäelle struggled in her first week at the Academy. In an attempt to show us her true personality, she chose to defend her place in English, with “Anyone” by Demi Lovato, a song for which she feels each of the lyrics deep within herself.

“It was a performance full of delicacy and full of strength, analyzed Lara Fabian after her performance. You are a beautiful bird and I just can’t wait to see you now spread your even bigger wings.”

The first week’s lessons have already had an effect on Jeremy. He said he understood that you had to live the words he sings. He tried to demonstrate his emotionality on the song “Dis moi pas ça” by Oukoumé.

“At the beginning of the week it was in his head and as the days went on it was more in his heart and on the stage. You have had a good evolution”, concluded Gregory Charles.

Sandrine also went for more sensitivity in the words she had to say, going there in particular with more gentleness. “Memories found”, by Francine Raymond, allowed him to demonstrate his full capacity to move the public with his voice.

“What is marvelous with Sandrine is that her strength is her greatest gentleness,” indicated Guylaine Tremblay, visibly impressed by the performance she had just heard.

PA. Méthot played the masked informant through a humorous capsule in which he wanted to demonstrate that the Academicians were in fact well-established artists, who hid behind nicknames. He notably imagined Sally Folk as a lookalike of Gäelle, Alexandre Champagne as Jérémy, and Annie Brocoli imitated Sandrine. A refreshing moment in the evening

Laurence Jalbert has once again proven that she is an immense singer, and the Academicians have not been unworthy of her. Camélia and Sarah-Maude opened the number by singing “En cours” with Laurence Jalbert. Éloi was eminently solid on “Casting a spell”, just like Olivier who did not lose strength on “Tomber”. Yannick was all tenderness on “Obviously”.

The number ended with the song “Encore et encore”, sung by Laurence and Krystel, as 25 survivors entered the set, women victims of domestic violence who had the courage to denounce their attackers.

After his victory last year, William Cloutier returned to the big set of “Star Académie” to sing a few songs from his new album.

Iconic French singer, Eddy de Pretto had fun with the Academicians in a magnificent number which opened with his success “Kid”, with Julien and Mathieu. “Random” then highlighted Audrey-Louise, Marily and Édouard. The Frenchman also sang a track from his latest album, “Freaks,” with Laurie and the rest of the gang.

“It’s super rewarding to sing with these young people, detailed the singer in an interview behind the scenes. I felt like they wanted to take everything I do. We worked on the breath, the articulation of the words, and it was rather pleasant to see that they really wanted to learn. They want it!”

The experience of hearing other artists perform his songs was also new to him. “It’s interesting because you can see someone else’s personality and soul through those lyrics.”

At the end of the evening, the public chose to save Sandrine Hébert, while the teachers decided to keep Jérémy. In tears, the Academician exclaimed: “I’m happy, I worked hard!”

By choosing to reduce her vocal intensity and tap into more gentleness, Sandrine Hébert has completely transformed herself. Accustomed to singing more rock or moving songs. Sandrine was saved by the teachers, during the first Variety, but she was however put in evaluation because of a few clashes. At the beginning of the week, it was rather the desire to see her become one with the text of her song that the teachers asked her to work on. Armed with all of this advice, Sandrine was able to deliver the goods with surprising aplomb. By going to the song “Recovered Memories”, she found the right tone and the text that stuck to her skin. A nice development.

Youngest candidate of the season, Éloi Cummings shows an astonishing maturity for his age. At only 16 years old, he already has unfailing confidence and solidity. Very athletic, this native of the Magdalen Islands seems totally in control in all situations. Accompanied by his guitar, he took real pleasure in singing with Paul Piché, whom he has even seen in concert. Same thing during his duet with Laurence Jalbert. An intense and sincere connection emanated from the two performers who were in unison. At each of his appearances, Éloi convinces us that we have not finished hearing about him.

Intoxicated by his entry into the Academy, Jérémy took a long time to understand that he above all had to get to work. This first week will have been a kind of intense awakening for the young artist. Former participant of “Mixmania”, he knows the efforts that this job requires. However, he took notes on the comments of the teachers and stored up each of their advice to deliver a magnificent performance on “Tell me not that”, which he had put to his flavor in passing. Receiving the support of the teachers at the end of the program will give him even more confidence and allow him to go even further.

They continue the adventure

  • Sarah-Maude Desgagnés, 23 years old, Amos
  • Audrey-Louise Beauséjour, 23, Brossard
  • Éloi Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands
  • Camélia Zaki, 17, Sherbrooke
  • Laurie Déchène, 20, Quebec
  • Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke
  • Mathieu Rheault, 27, Montreal
  • Marily Dorion, 26, Sherbrooke
  • Julien Charbonneau, 23, Montreal
  • Yannick Bissonnette-Powell, 22 years old, Beauport
  • Edouard Lagacé, 27, Cowansville
  • Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kedgwick, NB

Saved by the public

  • Sandrine Hébert, 28 years old, Coaticook

Saved by the teachers

  • Jérémy Plante, 25, Lévis

The daily “Star Académie” is presented, Monday to Thursday, at 7:30 p.m., on TVA.


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