The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) informs that as of June 2021, there are 16,972 homicides in Mexico; es decir, 13 homicidios for every 100,000 inhabitants at the national level.

In agreement with preliminary figures for homicides, if the reference case is minor it respects the correspondence of the first semester of this year before final dates, the homicides commission will be released from 2016 to 2020.

In June 2016, there were 10,963 homicides; 15,042, in the same period of 2017; 17,772 during the first half of 2018; 17,776, in the first six months of 2019, and in the same phase of 2020, a total of 18,057.

Respect for comedic homicides in the first semester of the past year, 14,880 correspondents of the sex of the male, 1,904 of the sexes of females and in 188 cases were not determined whether the victims were men or women.

With fleeing arms and short objects (white arms) are committed, mainly, the homicides that correspond to the period June-June 2021, to register 11,729 and 1,638, respectively.

Of the total homicides with fugitive arms, 10,615 were men and 1,085 women, while 1,394 men and 238 women were murdered with white arms.

In 1,939 cases — 1,589 men, 216 women and 134 cases without specifying sex—, there is no “identify the medium used by the aggressor to generate the lesion that leads to the death of the failed person,” the report quotes.

It states, moreover, that the information provided in the defunct certificates “essentially corresponds to a theme of health, which does not contain elements to classify the defenses in the penal legislation mark” “by which” can be associated with offenses as the feminicide with the universe of homicides committed against persons of the female sex and whose classification is solely the competence of the criminal justice authorities ”.

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It will also be announced that the 27th of July next, when the autonomous organ will publish the preliminary information corresponding to 2021 and three months later, on the 26th of October, the final statistics of homicides registered by us will be published. hayan concluded.

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