Sube disapproval of AMLO

In the first half of this year, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador registered a 64% approval rating, which means that there are less points than the brand launched in December 2021 (66%); his disapproval between the Mexicans created in January, in accordance with my preview, passed 34 to 36 per cent.

Agreed with the monthly medicine #AMLOTrakingPoll on presidential approval by Mitofsky for The Economist, the mandate registered mayor disapproval among ten university-level students and more (57.7%), of which 30% are students).

For another case, 41.4% of citizens say they believe security is “peor” during the term of office.

Methodological Note: Survey applied to 39,543 Mexican masters of 18 years with intelligent mobile devices with Internet access.

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