State officials will only be able to telecommute one day a week from October 1, according to CSIF

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LakeEntral Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants (CSIF) has denounced this Wednesday that the Government has adopted a resolution so that, as of October 1, teleworking in the General State Administration is restricted to a maximum of one day a week (20% of the working day), compared to the three days a week that had been agreed with the unions for the normality phase.

This resolution, which CSIF has refused to sign, also establishes the termination of the appointment for December 31st.

For the union, the resolution that has been taken, which replaces another that allowed up to four days of remote work, does not meet the necessary requirements to guarantee the return to face-to-face work in the best conditions.

CSIF proposes a model of 40% in physical presence and 60% in telematic work (3 days a week), with a criterion similar to the one that has been agreed for the normality stage, once the pandemic is over.

“This way you could return to physical presence with maximum security guarantees of all public employees and allows the development of telematic work, which has been very positive in the General State Administration “, defends the union.

The resolution adopted by the Public Function only introduces, as exceptions, that 100% of the working day can be carried out in the telematic mode in the cases of people with cancer or immunodeficiency; for quarantine reasons; in areas where there is a rebound or new waves of Covid, and in personnel abroad in certain circumstances.

According to CSIF, the resolution also establishes that the meetings will be face-to-face in general or in mixed mode; lifts the travel ban, although giving priority to videoconferences; prioritizes that the courses be by telematic means; and it also encourages telematic means for selective tests.

“The Administration should value the positive experience that has been the performance of work in telematic mode that during all these months of pandemic has guaranteed the functioning of the Administration and the maintenance of benefits to citizens in areas such as Employment, the Treasury Public, Social Security and many others that represent the backbone of our State “, underlines CSIF.

Low minimum template

The union chaired by Miguel Borra urges the Ministry of Finance and Public Function to develop “without delay” a rule that embodies the telework agreement in the AGE, which is the one that, in his opinion, should be applied in normal conditions when the current health crisis ends.

Last April, the Government agreed with the unions that AGE officials could voluntarily telework three days a week, while the remaining two days would be in person.

CSIF also denounces that this return to presence is going to be carried out with “low minimums” templates.

“The State Public Employment Service (SEPE), for example, will terminate the contract of another 500 interns at the end of this month and by the end of the year the 1,500 people who were hired as reinforcement by the Covid will have left,” he warns.

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