Security Is an Important Factor in College Choice

When it’s time to select a college or university to attend, students have a lot of things to consider. In addition to the location of a school, its tuition and fees, and its degree options and internship opportunities, an important factor to look into is the campus safety and security. 

Anyone who’s interested in attending a college or university that’s known for being safe can begin by gathering information online. There are many resources, such as this article by Nuwber, that can provide you with information about the safest schools in the nation. 

But why is security so important? Is it really something that you should think about when you’re deciding which school is right for you? The answer is, yes, it’s extremely important, and here are just a few of the many reasons why. 

Crimes Do Occur on College Campuses

Even though you might think of a school campus as being a safe place to be because everyone is there to learn or work, the sad and harsh truth is that crimes can and do occur on college campuses of all sizes. These crimes might include everything from assaults to thefts. Therefore, students and staff need to be on the alert as they go from classroom to classroom and from building to building if they want to avoid becoming a victim of a crime. 

Dorm Rooms Are Not Always Secure

Another reason why security should be in place at whichever college or university you select is because dorm rooms are not always secure. Just as crimes can occur on campus, they can also occur in the buildings that house dorm rooms where students live during the semester. A building that does not have adequate security measures in place might be dangerous to students, from freshmen to seniors, and it might leave them vulnerable to theft and other crimes. 

What to Look for in a College or University When It Comes to Safety

There are many things that you can look for when you are trying to determine how safe a college or university is. First, head to their website to gain insight into the measures that they are taking to ensure campus safety at all times. For instance, do they have surveillance cameras up and running at all times to monitor the campus and the interior of buildings? Do they have a security team that can be contacted easily in the event of an emergency? And does the security team also patrol the campus and buildings to keep an eye out for trouble in an effort to stop problems before they occur? 

You can also learn about a school’s overall safety and security by searching for any reports regarding crimes that have been committed on campus each year. These reports and statistics can be helpful in shedding light on just how safe a college or university is. After all, they can say that they have implemented a lot of strategies to keep students and staff safe, but those strategies might not be all that effective, so you want to see the actual stats to see how things have been going. Plus, these stats might even reveal the types of crimes that occur on the campus, and that information can help you decide if you want to attend the school or not. 

Finally, some schools might give dorming students the option of putting up their own security cameras. These can keep an eye on things and record activity at all times. If this is possible, it may give you greater peace of mind, so it’s worth seeing if the school allows it. 

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