New entertaining activities to take up this year 

During the pandemic, a lot of things we took for normal had to change. We had to spend more time inside, work from home, and put on hold all social events and gatherings. Because of that, many people rediscovered their homes and had to get creative with ways in which to keep themselves entertained. Even if you don’t have to worry about a pandemic, it’s good to have some pastime activities up your sleeve for the next time you want to unwind and have some “me time”. If you’d like to take up some new recreational activities but don’t know what to try or what would suit you best, take a look at the following list so that you never feel bored ever again.  

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Learn to play an instrument

There are many benefits to learning to play an instrument. First of all, the concentration necessary to play stimulates your brain and is good for your cognitive abilities. It is also a very good stress-relief activity. Music generally has a positive and relaxing effect on us and playing it yourself will give you just that, with the added bonus of making you feel proud for having accomplished such a feat. Mastering a musical instrument, whether the piano, the guitar, the violin or saxophone, is a long-time process. You won’t play like a virtuoso from the first week, and if you get frustrated easily, this hobby may not be for you. Or it might be just the thing you need in order to teach yourself patience. There may be many setbacks along the way, but learning to play an instrument will make you happy in the long run. 

Work out

There are no disadvantages to working out. It boosts your energy, improves your mood, and promotes better sleep while keeping your body healthy and stimulating your immune system to work at its best capacity. Start out small and see your progress if you’re new to working out. Don’t dive straight into complicated routines and exercises. You need time to adjust to them, but you’ll get there. If you are advanced, feel free to add more complex exercises to your regime which necessitate greater strength, such as the claw fingertip push up or front lever training. Trying some unconventional workouts can also benefit you so add a little spice to your usual routine. Inverted workouts are one example, during which you do the same exercises, only upside down. Or try some isometric exercise at your own desk. A great way to ensure you get enough movement throughout the day. 

Try your hand at cooking and baking

Home cooking and baking are great activities to take up. Cooking at home means you’re eating healthier than if you constantly have takeout. Healthy eating comes with the benefit of helping reduce the risk of illness and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. If you’re making your own meals, you’ll be in complete control of the ingredients, which means less sugar, healthy fat, and less additives. It doesn’t have to be complicated; you can start off with simpler recipes and work your way up to more complicated ones. There are many quick and simple meals you can cook at home. You also spend more time with your loved ones when you prepare meals at home. It’s great to approach a dish in this way, as a team effort, and then enjoy it together. Even if they don’t look like the picture-perfect dishes cooked by seasoned chefs, you’ll find that a lot of satisfaction comes from enjoying something you created with your own hands. Another benefit is that homemade meals tend to be budget-friendly and cost less than if you were to eat out. 

Baking can be a bit more complicated if you’re completely inexperienced. If you make a mistake while cooking, you can save the food by tweaking it a bit, adding a bit more salt, a bit more water, or a bit more of a certain spice or condiment; a baked dish is more difficult to save if it completely flops. That shouldn’t discourage you from trying, however. After all, practice makes perfect. Just like with cooking, baking at home is healthier and cheaper. There is a meditative quality to baking, which can be therapeutic if you habitually suffer from stress. From bread to desserts, there is much joy to be found in baking. It’ll definitely leave you feeling accomplished.  

Join an online class

After spending a lot of time online during lockdowns, either working, studying, or browsing the web, you probably feel that going back to the online world sounds like a crime. Especially for extended tasks such as online classes, it’s good to have pastimes that are focused not only on leisure but also on your personal development. There are definitely subjects you wish you had studied before but never had the time or drive to do so. Now is the time to challenge yourself! You can pick a class for whatever subject interests you. You can learn a new skill, like pottery or embroidery, or learn a new language. If you are more drawn to STEM subjects, you can choose a Chemistry lesson taught by a top tutor, which enhances your aptitudes. Since the classes are online, you don’t have to worry about commuting costs or travelling time, but you will notice that there’s no compromise on teaching quality. 


Getting into painting may be just what you need. There’s nothing quite like painting for stimulating your creativity. No incredible skills required for it; you just need an easel, a canvas, brushes and paint. Put on some music while you get to it, and maybe get your tea mug by your side as well to promote full artsy vibes. Just like with learning to play an instrument, painting fosters cognitive and emotional health. If you believe painting is an endeavour that’s just too daring, try similar activities like calligraphy or needlework. 

You can take up many activities if you feel something is missing from your life. All you need is some patience and practice, and you may just discover something you love to do so much it becomes something you do for life.

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